¿Qué es ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW es un sencillo y rápido intercambiador. Usted no necesita registrarse, y la bolsa no tienen límites. Vamos a tomar un honesto comisión y procesar rápidamente con un intercambio para usted.

¿Cuál es la manera ChangeNOW obras?

ChangeNOW sistema está integrado en más de 10 criptomoneda plataformas de trading, incluyendo Poloniex y Bittrex. También trabajamos con nuestros socios de intercambio. Elegimos el mejor tipo de cambio y la ofrecemos.

¿Por qué confiar en nosotros?

ChangeNOW es un equipo de experimentados blockchain los desarrolladores. Con el Changenow los usuarios de la plataforma no es necesario crear cuentas o proporcionar información personal. Esto permite a los usuarios para evitar la identificación financiera o robo. Ofrecemos las mejores tarifas como podemos usar y confiable plataformas de negociación.

¿Que tan rápido mi transacción sea procesada?

El procesamiento de los rangos de velocidad de alrededor de cinco a veinte minutos, dependiendo de cuánto tiempo toma para que un bloque a suceder en la red. La mayoría de los pedidos de proceso en tan sólo un par de minutos. Si la transacción es grande (más de 1 BTC), el proceso puede tardar un poco más, dependiendo del tamaño de la transacción y de la capacidad de la cuadra.

¿Dónde guardo mis fondos?

Si usted quiere tener un criptomoneda, usted necesita para guardar en algún lugar. Diferentes carteras están diseñadas específicamente para diferentes operaciones con las transacciones. Hay oficiales de carteras, web bolsos y otras aplicaciones. Para cada moneda que usted necesita tener un monedero. La dirección de la cartera es una combinación única de números y letras de 26 a 35 caracteres. Normalmente se ve algo como esto: 17bkZPLB4Wn6F347PLZBR34ijhzQDUFZ4zc.

¿Cómo puedo obtener una dirección de e-monedero?

Por razones de seguridad, no pedimos sus claves privadas y nadie debe.

For security reasons, we will never ask you for your private keys and nobody should.

¿Cuál es la dirección del destinatario?

Si usted quiere comprar una moneda, usted necesita para enviarlo a una determinada cartera. Cada moneda tiene su propio uno. La dirección del destinatario es su cartera, para que la e-moneda se transfiere después del intercambio.

¿Cuál es el hash de transacción?

Cada transacción es registrada en el blockchain y tiene su propio código de identificación único, que se llama Hash (también conocido como “TX”). Este código único que permite verificar su validez en el blockchain abrir ledger.

Cómo cancelar una transacción?

Blockchain operaciones son irreversibles. Si los fondos son enviados, la transacción no puede ser cancelada por cualquiera. Por lo tanto, revise minuciosamente todos los detalles de pago antes de enviar el dinero.

¿Por qué el monto final de los fondos es diferente de la cantidad inicial?

Se necesita algún tiempo para procesar las transacciones. Debido a la alta volatilidad de la divisa en el momento en que la velocidad es crucial, sin embargo el tipo de cambio final puede diferir tanto en dirección positiva o negativa. Lo que es garantía de la mejor tarifa en el momento de una operación de intercambio de.

¿Cuánto tiempo toma para que una transacción se terminó?

Los ataques DDoS. Por desgracia, estos problemas se suceden de vez en cuando, pero siempre estamos dispuestos a ayudar y resolver cualquier problema de la

  • Moneda de actualizaciones. Se puede actualizar el cliente y desactivar algunas monedas. Tan pronto como se encienda de nuevo, usted recibirá su dinero.
  • El blockchain está sobrecargado. También el número de transacciones que están esperando para ser incluido en el blockchain, y el suyo puede esperar su turno para entrar. A veces usted necesida esperar un poco más.
  • The blockchain is overloaded. Too many transactions are waiting to be included into the blockchain, and yours may wait for its turn, too. Sometimes you might have to wait a little longer.

¿Cuál es la cantidad mínima para el intercambio?

No hay límites para criptomoneda intercambios en ChangeNow. Sin embargo, para que la transacción se lleva a cabo, la tarifa se cobra por el blockchain sí mismo. La cantidad enviada debe ser suficiente para cubrir todos los blockchain honorarios.

What is a fixed rate cryptocurrency exchange?

A fixed rate crypto exchange is an exchange performed at the same rate which is displayed to the client at the beginning of an exchange, regardless of subsequent rate fluctuations.

What's the difference between fixed rate flow and standard flow?

During the standard flow, each transaction may have its own unique exchange rate because of rate fluctuations, market conditions, and network fees. The rate might change at any moment; as a result, you might receive more or less than you thought you would.

Implementing fixed rate exchanges leads us to lay down a small reserve to guarantee your safety from exchange rate fluctuations. It's included into the rate you will see at the beginning of the exchange, no other fees included.

Because of the rate risks we take, the fixed rate may differ from the standard flow's rate. However, it gives our customers confidence in the amount they will receive.

How does it work?

You create an exchange and make a deposit. You have 20 minutes to deposit your exchange funds; during that time, we guarantee that the rate won't change in any way. You will receive the exact amount that was displayed to you.

When should I choose the fixed rate flow?

You may choose the fixed rate flow if you would like to be certain that the amount of crypto you'll receive will stay the same, no matter what. With fixed rate exchanges, our users enjoy the stability of their conversions and are safe from sudden rate drops.

ChangeNOW performs certain cryptocurrency exchanges through third-party partner services. What does that mean?

It means exactly that - exchanges of certain trading pairs are carried through our partners. These exchanges aren't much different from regular ChangeNOW swaps, however, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

  • In these cases we don't carry out any KYC checks on our side. However, they might be carried out by our partners;
  • Please be aware that other services that we are partnered with might have KYC policies that are different from ours;
  • However, us carrying out exchanges through third party services does not mean we forfeit our responsibility for the exchange. If you run into any issues during the swap, just let our support team know and we'll help you out in the shortest time possible.

Do I need to register to use ChangeNOW?

In order to be able to use ChangeNOW, customers don't need to create any sort of accounts.

However, there are some exceptions.

ChangeNOW uses an automated risk management system to check all transactions. Each case will be considered individually. According to European AML directives, KYC regulations, and platform requirements, we will ask you to provide a scan of your ID document valid in your country, as well as some additional information on the funds’ origin.

KYC/AML explained

The crypto market is subject to a number of certain rules and regulations which make it mandatory for most crypto services to have the AML/KYC procedure implemented.

ChangeNOW strives to protect our clients from any type of scams and fraudulent activities in the crypto world and complies to all rules and regulations present at the moment, and one of the ways that enables us to do so is the KYC/AML procedure.

This procedure confirms the absolute legality of the transaction carried out by you before the regulatory institutions. Thus, you confirm that you are a law-abiding citizen and the state has no reason to address any claims towards you.

KYC/AML procedure

ChangeNOW’s AML/KYC procedure is supported by an automated risk prevention system. If a transaction is marked suspicious by this system, the exchange is put on hold and the customer in question is then asked to confirm their identity.

There is a certain set of criteria that the system employs; however, they can’t be made public, otherwise there will be people who will try to abuse those criteria in order to cheat the algorithm.

This system has proven to be very useful against money launderers and scammers, since the KYC process allows us to tell an honest customer apart from a scammer very quickly and without any trouble.

Each KYC case is handled individually. If a certain client is eligible for the procedure since their transaction had been marked as suspicious, they are informed of that with a pop-up notification after the exchange has been submitted, in which they will be asked to turn to the support team. We will apply a set of standard procedures to our KYC clients, among which are asking a client to submit the following:

  • A high-quality photo of any identification document valid in their country or internationally;
  • A source of deposited funds (a screenshot or a file, but not links);
  • A selfie of the client holding their ID document and a print-out of the note which will be provided by the support team.

After ChangeNOW has received the following materials, the exchange is completed, and the exchanged funds are then sent to the specified recipient wallet address.

We do everything in our power to maintain our reputation as a legitimate, law-abiding exchange service that can be safe for use by anyone, be it a regular person who doesn’t deal with crypto much or an experienced trader or miner; therefore, ChangeNOW reserves the right to apply the KYC/AML procedure to certain clients, wallet addresses and select assets.

ChangeNOW doesn’t support any money-laundering or other illegal activities; therefore, the service doesn’t enter any business agreements with individuals or business entities involved or suspected in such activities.

In case a client doesn’t wish to disclose their identity for certain reasons and refuses to provide the documents, the KYC/AML procedure is considered failed and the deposited funds are then refunded to the address (or addresses) the deposit was made from, subtracting the network fees, within 24 hours. Then, ChangeNOW reserves the right to blacklist this address (or addresses), thus rendering it (or them) non-eligible for making deposits on the service.

In case a client submits a false set of documents, the KYC/AML procedure is considered failed and the deposited funds are then refunded to the address (or addresses) the deposit was made from, subtracting the network fees, within 24 hours. Then, ChangeNOW reserves the right to blacklist this address (or addresses), thus rendering it (or them) non-eligible for making deposits on the service.

Please bear in mind that ChangeNOW reserves the right to submit all the received materials to legal authorities (Interpol, Europol, and others) in case a corresponding request is received. You can read the official ChangeNOW's Rules of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating The Financing Terrorism compliance control here.

Can I make a profit with ChangeNOW?

Yes, you can join our affiliate program and make 0.4% of the funds attracted by you. Here is the detailed instruction.

What is special about BCH/BSV deposits?

During the Bitcoin Cash hard fork the protocol changes have been insignificant and a lot of users haven't split their balances yet. There's a risk that your deposit might be sent to us in both BCH and BSV networks simultaneously. Please make sure your Bitcoin Cash balances are split before making a deposit on ChangeNOW.

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