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Lisk 实时价格,加密货币 Lisk 价格(美元)、市值和供应量

Lisk 今日价格是 $0.99. 当前循环供应量为 lsk 144,818,773 市值是 $127,176,242.03.


$ 0.99


$ 127,176,242.03

24h % 价格

-3.4 %

24H 交易量

$ 3,486,691.31

7d % 价格

-8.61 %


144,818,773 LSK

What Is Lisk?

Lisk is a platform for building, storing, and testing decentralized applications. It runs the same-name internal currency, which is used for payments in the system.

The Lisk platform has some technical features that can make It popular among users involved in the development of decentralized applications. First of all, we are talking about the possibility of creating a side chain associated with the project network.

The straightforwardness of the blockchain somewhat limits developers. The possibility of creating additional chains in the Lisk blockchain should open up new possibilities.


用户可以在 ChangeNOW 上购买 LSK 种加密货币之一或 18 种法币:

选择 LSK 作为“您获得”的货币选择 加密货币或法币,并使用 来购买 LSK输入 您的 Lisk 钱包地址 存款将发送到一次性地址在大约 5 分钟内获得您兑换的加密货币!


按照以下步骤,从我们丰富的加密货币选择中进行 Lisk 加密货币兑换:

选择 LSK 作为 “您发送”的货币.选择 作为 LSK “您获得”的资产输入您想要接收加密货币的钱包地址 存款发送到一次性地址在大约 5 分钟内获得您兑换的加密货币!

CLisk - USD Exchange

As cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies become increasingly integrated, options of accessing LSK token with fiat currencies have become necessary. ChangeNOW offers access to LSK to USD exchange in a seamless manner.

Lisk Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW prioritizes security for our customers. It offers non-custodial LSK exchange, as well as advanced protocols to provide maximum security.
  • Buy, sell, and swap LSK within a few minutes. Instantly receive your Lisk in your wallet.
  • By employing a simplistic yet dynamic process and constantly adapting its asset selection, ChangeNOW enables a versatile environment for pros and beginners.
  • You can avoid the hassles of registration while performing a transaction on ChangeNOW; all you need is a LSK wallet.
  • No limits are imposed on any LSK exchange. It is a limitless service, and you can transact with less than $2 as well.