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Buy Ethereum

The cryptocurrency industry got hyped recently, and a name being on the top of this hype is Ethereum or Ether. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies that provides features like smart contracts and the ability to create and run a decentralized application, or DApp. This has made the Ethereum platform widely recognized and extensively used by crypto enthusiasts. Such interest and the value that Ethereum provides, in turn, ensures the constant growth of the ETH price.

This aspect makes it sensible for you to buy ETH. You can just invest in Ether, or use it as a means of access to the DApps on Ethereum blockchain. Another good reason to choose Ether is the certainty of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) - an organization that consists of prominent companies including dozens from the Fortune 500 list. Quite a few wise organizations back this currency - this is a sign that it isn’t going down anytime soon. Therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to get the currency today.

No matter if you are beginner or advanced with cryptocurrencies, you should try out ChangeNOW instant exchange service for this purpose. Here, you can buy Ethereum with debit card instantly and without any registration. If you already hold any of the other cryptocurrencies, you can easily swap them to Ether on the platform in a few straightforward steps.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is a blockchain platform that stands at the second position based on market capitalization. The fact that it is an open-source blockchain and includes smart contract functionality makes it preferable for many people to purchase Ethereum. Though Vitalik Buterin proposed this cryptocurrency in 2013, its journey started in the second half of the year 2015. Currently, it serves as the base for hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. 47 of them fall under the top 100 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization.

If you had to purchase ETH in Jan 2016, you would only be required to invest a small amount of $2.58 per coin. Until Feb 2017, the currency didn’t get much recognition and was priced around $10 per coin. But after that, it paced up, reaching its all-time high of $1098.36 in Jan 2018, with continuous growth over the year. Going up and down year by year since then, Ether currently stands at slightly under $400 per coin at the time of writing.

The stats show that Ethereum has a promising future, and you might want to get it right away to remain at profiting end. ChangeNOW is a platform where you can easily buy ETH with debit card or any of 200+ cryptocurrencies. For crypto-to-crypto exchanges, it’s completely free of registration - the safety of your data is our number one priority. And as a non-custodial service, we don’t store your funds - this means you remain in full control over your crypto. In case you are still puzzled about whether to buy Ether or not, you can visit NOWAcademy to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies.

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