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Dogecoin is an altcoin founded in late 2013. Its name and logo come from a viral internet meme ‘Doge’. No wonder why some internet users buy Dogecoin as a way to pay respect to the meme culture. Besides it, nowadays DOGE is actually a reliable peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a decentralized system.

Many internet users purchase DOGE for a particularly interesting purpose. Dogecoin is widely used these days as a digital currency to tip or donate to content creators all over the internet. What’s more, the coin is different from other cryptocurrencies due to the active social community around it, rapidly growing its subreddit.

If you want to buy DOGE with debit card, you need a reliable, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency exchange. You can always opt for ChangeNOW as an instant non-custodial service where you don’t need to create an account to purchase Dogecoin and other currencies, which means you are in full control of your security.

About Dogecoin

Although Dogecoin was initially introduced in early December 2013 as more of a ‘joke currency’, it quickly got recognition and created an online community around it. Less than 2 weeks after it was launched, it saw 300% jump in its value. In the beginning of 2014, a month after its launch, the capitalization of DOGE already reached $60 million USD.

Dogecoin had its peak at the beginning of 2018, when its cost was $0.017 per coin. At that moment, its capitalization was $2 billion USD. Today, the capitalization of DOGE is more than $450 million USD. In July 2020, DOGE exploded the crypto media space with the community trying to make it cost the mere $1. Although this extremely ambitious goal was not achieved, the DOGE crypto community has had a lot of fun - just what the coin was initially designed for!

If you have ever tried to trade cryptocurrency, you probably know that sometimes transactions can take quite some time - and the interface is not as user-friendly as it could be. To buy Dogecoin with debit card (or with any of 200+ digital currencies) almost instantly and hassle-free, go to ChangeNOW. Since the service doesn’t require signing in or creating an account to exchange, you can both buy DOGE straight away and be sure about the safety of your data.

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