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Monero, a privacy-first cryptocurrency, was founded in 2014. While other popular digital currencies’ transactions are transparent and traceable, Monero uses cryptography to make each and every activity impossible to track or follow, hence confidential. You can sleep calmly knowing that your sending/receiving addresses and the amounts you transact will never be known by anyone, as Monero automatically obfuscates all the data.

XMR is a fully fungible coin, which means the previous usage doesn't matter for the value of the particular coins you’ve bought. You can purchase Monero and then pay with it, knowing that the coins will always be accepted as there is no connection to their previous activities. That is why those concerned about their privacy buy XMR with other cryptocurrencies to break the link between transactions.

For a secure crypto, you need a secure exchange. If privacy is your number one priority, you should opt for a non-custodial service that neither stores your funds nor asks for creating an account so that you don’t share any of your personal information. One of such platforms is ChangeNOW. With the help of this reliable exchange service, you can easily buy XMR with debit card and become a crypto owner in less than 5 minutes.

About Monero

Monero is a word in Esperanto (the most popular international constructed language) meaning ‘coin’. This cryptocurrency was created in 2014 in place of Bytecoin (an alternative to Bitcoin) and initially was called BitMonero. After a short time, the coin got its current name Monero. Unlike with other digital currencies reminiscent of Bitcoin, XMR is based on the CryptoNote protocol, which deals with problems BTC and alike coins have. The algorithms of Monero make it really difficult to track a link between transactions.

People all over the world prefer Monero because of its security-centered features. That’s why the coin saw the outstanding market cap growth and transaction volume rise in 2016 and since. In 2017, Monero adopted the Confidential Transactions algorithm that further improved its privacy, allowing you to hide the amounts you transact. Monero is in Top-15 of the cryptocurrencies rating by market cap, meaning it is one of the most established and recognized digital coins worldwide.

If you want to buy Monero and be sure your transactions are impossible to track, you can always opt for ChangeNOW for secure and instant exchanges without any limits on the amount of transactions. Here, you can purchase XMR with very low fees included in the rates. On ChangeNOW, you can also buy Monero with debit card - the process will take you no longer than 5-10 minutes.

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