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Monero (XMR) Price Chart

Market stats

Market Rank
Market Cap
$ 3 174 576 652.97
24H Volume
$ 105 133 316.56
24H High
$ 176.95
Circulating Supply
18 368 290.07 XMR
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Monero Price Performance

Monero currently trades at roughly $172.83 and has +1.14% over the past seven days. There are currently about 18,368,290.07 Monero tokens in circulation. As a decentralized currency, you can trade Monero freely without relying on traditional finance systems.

How to Buy XMR with a Credit or Debit Card

ChangeNOW is one of the most popular platforms for trading cryptocurrency. You can use it to purchase Monero with your credit/debit card, and you don’t even need to register to do that. It works with any card powered by Visa or Mastercard.

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Сhoose Buy/Sell Crypto

Choose the fiat currency and enter the amount.

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Enter Your Details

Select Monero and enter your credit or debit card details.

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Complete the Purchase

Preview your transaction details and confirm the purchase.

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Buy XMR Using ChangeNOW Mobile App

Download the ChangeNOW mobile app and purchase Monero seamlessly; instant conversion and no transaction limits. You do not even need to register an account.

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What is Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) was created in April 2014 with one life goal – to build a truly anonymous cryptocurrency. It originated back in 2013 with the release of a whitepaper written by a developer Nicholas van Saberhagen. The paper described a currency named CryptoNote, which then was used to create Bytecoin. The Bytecoin project quickly collapsed and a new currency was born.

Born as a fork of Bytecoin (BCN), XMR crypto overgrown its ancestor and became a regular of CoinMarketCap’s top-50. Monero price is highly volatile – if you open any XMR chart you’ll see, that it’s diving deep and rocket-flies significantly. However, it’s still one of the most popular coins due to its incredible privacy. Inherited from the Bytecoin CryptoNight algorithm in December 2019 gave way to the RandomX – algorithm, which cut off the ASIC mining. And in May 2020 developers’ team implemented the Zk-SNARKS test, which improved Monero transactions in terms of speed, anonymity, and efficiency.

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Why Buy Monero on ChangeNOW


Flexible KYC system

Our platform requires minimal personal information, allowing you to engage in cryptocurrency exchanges with ease, efficiency, and an emphasis on privacy. Some of the transactions don’t require any KYC at all.


A Broad Range of Fiat Currencies

Our platform supports over 60 fiat currencies, including popular ones like the United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euros, etc.


Fast Purchase

Benefit from rapid transaction processing on our advanced platform, enabling swift settlements and the acquisition of XMR coin in as little as 4 minutes. Prioritizing efficiency, user satisfaction, and unparalleled speed in digital asset exchanges.


Multiple Gateways

Experience seamless purchasing Monero, choosing a variety of secure payment gateways, accepting popular debit and credit cards, and the added convenience of SWIFT/SEPA bank transfers.


Low Transaction Fees

Experience the advantage of our user-friendly buy XMR platform, offering affordable transaction fees, diverse trading options, and a secure environment, all designed to optimize your digital asset investments.


Easy to Use

Discover seamless trading with ChangeNOW's intuitive interface, expertly designed for effortless navigation and user-friendly experience, empowering both new and seasoned investors to manage their crypto with ease. Buy Monero anonymously in just a few clicks.

USD to XMR Calculator

Use this tool to know the real-time market rate for buying XMR with the U.S. dollar:


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What Can You Do After You Buy Monero (XMR)?

There are many things you can do after buying XMR. They include:


You can lend your tokens on a centralized or decentralized lending protocol and earn interest after a specific period. Different protocols offer different interest rates and lending periods, so check for a suitable one.


Swap your Monero for another coins to diversify your portfolio.


You can hold it as a store of value. Monero has the potential to appreciate further, given it is still significantly below its peak price.


Many businesses and service providers now accept cryptocurrency as payment. You can use your XMR to pay for stuff, e.g., book a hotel accommodation or flight ticket, purchase clothing, gadgets, accessories, etc.

FAQ on Buying Monero (XMR)

    1. Head to Choose XMR as the token you want to buy and select the fiat currency to pay for it.

    2. Enter the wallet address where you will receive your XMR.

    3. Confirm the details of the transaction.

    4. Choose a payment gateway and enter your credit card details to pay for it.

    5. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive XMR in your specified wallet within 10 minutes.

  • The average transaction on ChangeNOW takes 5 minutes to settle. At most, expect to receive the tokens in your wallet within 10 minutes of payment.

  • Yes, it is safe because this exchange has advanced security features such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. We also don’t keep custody over users’ assets, so you retain full control.

  • Yes, ChangeNOW supports XMR purchasing with a debit card. Just choose the payment gateway that suits you, enter the card details, and proceed with the payment.

  • Yes, you can use a prepaid card to acquire XMR the same way you would with a debit card. Select a gateway, enter the card details, and confirm the payment.

  • You can pay for Monero or any other token using a bank transfer. However, this method may take longer than the others.

  • Yes, Apple Pay and Google Pay are among the payment gateways we support. They enable you to make payments instantly when downloading the iOS or Android mobile app for ChangeNOW.

  • You can buy it with over sixty fiat currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, Euros, British Pounds, Hong Kong dollars, etc.

  • 1 XMR token currently trades for about $172.83, according to CoinMarketCap. The coin is +16.323% year-to-date.

  • You can store it in offline cold storage or a digital wallet accessible online. The NOW wallet is a good example of a digital wallet to keep your tokens securely.

  • The minimum XMR value what you can buy is $2. We may not be able to complete the transaction below that.

  • XMR mining involves using computer power to validate transactions, create new XMR coins, and secure the Monero network. XMR miner solves puzzles to earn rewards, often in mining pools. Monero's privacy features protect the anonymity of miners and transactions, and miners may use monero mining calculator to estimate potential earnings. To get started and learn how to mine Monero, you can use suitable mining hardware (CPU or GPU), mining software, and a XMR wallet.

  • ChangeNOW offers access to over 60 fiat currencies for cryptocurrency exchange. You can check the exchange rates for different fiat currencies by selecting your preferred option above.

  • With Monero (XMR), you can store your digital assets securely, make private and anonymous payments, and use it as a means of payment for many services, for example, travelling, shopping, Monero gambling or Monero casinos, thanks to its privacy features.

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Buy Monero (XMR) Instantly with ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW allows you to buy XMR instantly using your credit/debit card or another token.


Other Cryptocurrencies to Buy on ChangeNOW

XMR is not the only token you can purchase on ChangeNOW. Others include BTC, USDT, XRP, ADA, USDC, etc.