Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash coin

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in 2017. BCH coin was forked from the original Bitcoin blockchain to solve some of the issues of the classic version of the most known cryptocurrency. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Generally, the upgrade was performed due to the unhappiness of the BTC community as well as BTC developers. The transaction speed of BTC was too low, the fees were too high and other issues were present. The developers of the original Bitcoin were concerned with the state of BTC chain and decided to make a radical upgrade called a hard fork.

The upgrade resulted in a split that created Bitcoin Cash. BCH became a brand new cryptocurrency with better speed, lower fees and increased block size. Initially, BCH was integrated with transaction history of BTC but later became a separate crypto entity. Also, BCH miners are offered bigger rewards in a shorter period.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Cash?

  • Transaction speed and cost. BCH was created to fix the transaction problems of Bitcoin. The technology used in Bitcoin Cash allows larger transactions to be processed in shorter periods of time. Also, using BCH is cheaper – the transactions cost less than ones of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Supply. BCH is newer than Bitcoin. So, even that the cap of BCH is 21 million coins, there are more coins to still be produced.

  • Usage. Corporate clients of Bitcoin Cash can use the decentralized technology to their advantage – all the transactions are made in the public domain and are transparent. Large transactions can be performed quickly with BTC. Because of better transaction speed, corporate clients do not need to worry about their transfers taking too long.

How to store Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a popular cryptocurrency and is supported by a majority of crypto wallets.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash?

Besides Bitcoin Cash mining, BCH can be purchased through all major cryptocurrency exchanges. Buying BCH is possible both with fiat and with other cryptocurrencies. Buying BCH is possible both with fiat and with other cryptocurrencies.

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