Dentacoin (DCN)

Dentacoin (DCN)

What is Dentacoin?

In 2017, cryptocurrencies quickly took over the world. There appeared private platforms on the blockchain with digital money in many areas, including medical. Moreover, the dental sphere has its own project. We are talking about Dentacoin (DCN).

The idea of the Dentacoin ICO was to unite all those who have anything to do with the industry on a single platform. This includes doctors, patients, and manufacturers of dental equipment, medicines, etc. At the same time, the developers want to exclude mediation because of which people have to spend more money.

The basis for the creation of DCN was the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Dentacoin is an ERC20 token. With Dentacoin, in the future, patients will be able to pay for the services of dentists, and dentists will be able to purchase equipment and the necessary tools for the provision of their services.

What is so special about DCN coin?

  • Two consensus mechanisms at once. The cryptocurrency works with both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. Therefore, it can be mined by hardware (mining is the same as for other coins based on Ethereum), and simply stored in the Dentacoin wallet gaining reward.

  • Relevance of the project. There are no such platforms in the field of dentistry. Since it can be of interest to absolutely all participants in the sphere, in the future the Dentacoin (DCN coin) value will grow, according to the DCN coin news. Partner clinics are interested in the transparency of payments, and patients want the guaranteed provision of services from professionals who are easy to find in the system..

  • Growth. Immediately after the launch of the project and the ICO, well-known dental institutions in their countries began to join the platform. In particular, it is F3T in the UK, Swiss Dentaprime in Bulgaria, Dentech Dental Care in India. Later they were joined by the Taiwanese dental clinic iTeeth. All this has a positive effect on the reputation and commercial attractiveness of the coin, as it can be seen from the Dentacoin news.

Where to store Dentacoin?

To store Dentacoin, you can use any cryptocurrency wallet that works with coins based on ERC20. The most famous of these is MyEtherWallet. There are several types of multi-currency wallets that support DCN. We can refer here Jaxx, Coinomi, Mist. You can keep the currency in cloud storage, as well as in desktop or mobile versions. In addition, it is possible to store DCN on cryptocurrency exchanges that support Dentacoin.

Where to buy Dentacoin?

Despite the fact that Dentacoin is a very relevant project, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of the world are not interested in It. From famous trading platforms where you can buy Dentacoin, only Cryptopia and HitBTC can be mentioned. A number of less well-known exchanges also work with Dentacoin. For example, IDAX, IDEX, CoinExchange, Mercatox, EtherDelta, CoinFalcon. You can check the current Dentacoin price at Coinmarketcap.

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