Liquidity Provider

Build your own crypto exchange service with our API – today!

Build the perfect fiat on- and off-ramp with ChangeNOW’s crypto liquidity solution – easy as 1, 2, 3. We have developed a special flow to make sure the liquidity we provide is wide and deep.

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Here's why this flow is the optimal solution for you

  • IconAll your service needs to do is deal in only one currency you natively support at the best rate – we’ll handle the rest
  • IconRapid asset addition on demand with all development and maintenance done by us
  • IconRobust marketing opportunities with newly added assets – a guaranteed volume booster
  • IconCross-sells to our partner pool – wherever we go, you go

Bridge Currency Flow

All your service needs to do is operate with one and only one crypto.

It can be any crypto that you feel works for you best – BTC, ETH, XRP, you name it.

As soon as you have settled into that crypto, our API picks it up and exchanges it into the customer’s asset of choice – and we have 700+ assets to choose from. It can work the other way around, as well.

What your customers will get

  • Excellent service quality – build a name for yourself as a 5-star crypto exchange
  • Access to the most exotic pairs on the market with less than $2 minimum amounts
  • Extremely comfortable rates without any hidden unexpected charges
  • Fastest exchanges ever – account-free, worry-free, faster than light!
  • Minimum purchase amounts as low as $2 and no upper limits
  • Transparent and honest exchange rates without any hidden unexpected charges
  • Blazing exchange speed – most swaps take 40 seconds or less. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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