Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin (SC)

What is Siacoin?

Sia is a decentralized platform for cloud storage of information and content. The developers have created their own cryptocurrency Siacoin, which is used in calculations within the project. It can be used to purchase additional storage space, or vice versa, to sell resources that are not used by the owner. Siacoin mining is available using the Proof-of-Work algorithm. You can start mining Siacoin in a few steps, as there is a great community of miners, stable programs and a debugged Siacoin algorithm. Also, you can browse the Siacoin block explorer to watch after the cryptocurrency.

What are the advantages of Siacoin?

  • Decentralization. Sia is a decentralized repository, and Siacoin also doesn’t have a single control center.

  • Reliable blockchain. Sia specialists have done a lot of work on debugging the technology. It provides not only high-quality storage of information but also stable operation of the cryptocurrency, transactions, etc.

  • Low cost of data storage. Sia offers cheap cloud storage, and the Siacoin price is still low. Because of this, customers are able to store huge amounts of information for a reasonable price.

  • Huge commercial potential. Storage on the blockchain will become more popular over the years. Accordingly, after a while, the Siacoin value can grow significantly. Now it is a great time to buy Siacoin. If you are still in doubt, read the Siacoin news or Siacoin reviews.

How to store Siacoin?

Sia experts have developed two special storage Siacoin wallets. Both of them are hardware. The first one is more simple and suitable for novice users. It provides sufficient functionality for basic operations with cryptocurrency. The second one is more difficult. Management is carried out through the command line. It is a good option for experienced users.

How to buy Siacoin?

Siacoin is traded on several exchanges. On average, operations worth $3 mln are conducted during a day, and a lion's share of Siacoin trading is concentrated on two sites - Bittrex and UpBit. These are the exchanges that sell Siacoin. You can always watch the Siacoin rate at CoinMarketCap . As a rule, trades are conducted on the Siacoin/Bitcoin pair. However, it is not possible to exchange the cryptocurrency for dollars or other fiat currency on exchanges. First, it will have to be converted to Bitcoin, and then to be exchanged. Here, exchange services come to the rescue.

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