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Siacoin Fiyat Tablosu

Siacoin Fiyat canlı, Cryptocurrency Siacoin Fiyat (USD), Piyasa Kapağı ve Arz

Siacoin Bugünün bedeli $0.02. Mevcut sirkülasyon kaynağı sc 49,145,842,992 bir piyasa değeri ile $920,187,037.87.


$ 0.02


$ 920,187,037.87

24h % FİYAT

-0.04 %


$ 28,791,069.25

7d % FİYAT

1.63 %


49,145,842,992 SC

What Is Siacoin?

Siacoin (SC) is a core token of a blockchain-based PoW-backed cloud storage platform called Sia. In its turn, Sia is a highly secure decentralized place where the users can let their unused storage space out on lease. All the treaties are powered by smart contracts, so Sia is easy and really safe to use.

Since Siacoin is first and foremost a token designed for enabling smart contract transactions, it has been announced to have no maximum supply. The data created and stored everyday is limitless, and so should be the SC token supply available to all crypto enthusiasts.

Is there any SC coin crypto exchange that proved to be the best one in the field? In fact, SC can be purchased on the majority of large exchanges including ChangeNOW and traded against fiat currencies and popular stablecoins. Although the Sia price does not depend on that of the US dollar, this coin is very good both for selling and buying and has a lot of investment potential.

Siacoin Nasıl Satın Alınır?

Kullanıcılar, 170+ kripto para birimlerinden biri veya 18 fiat para birimi için ChangeNOW üzerinde SC satın alabilir:

Aldınız SC yukarıdaki "Sen" para birimi olaraktercih kripto veya fiat ile SC satın almakGirin Siacoin cüzdanı adresinizDepozitonuzu tek seferlik bir adrese gönderinDeğiştirdiğiniz paraları yaklaşık 5 dakika içinde alın!

Siacoin Nasıl Satılır?

Aşağıdaki adımları izleyerek zengin kripto seçimimizden bir varlık için Siacoin madeni paraları değiştirin:

Yukarıdaki SC yukarıda "Gönderdiğiniz" para birimi olarak.Seçin SC için almak istediğiniz varlıkSeçin {0} için almak istediğiniz varlıkDepozitonuzu tek seferlik bir adrese gönderinDeğiştirdiğiniz paraları yaklaşık 5 dakika içinde alın !

Best Siacoin Exchange

As cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies become increasingly integrated, options of accessing SC token with fiat currencies have become necessary. ChangeNOW offers access to SC to USD exchange in a seamless manner.

Siacoin Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW prioritizes security for our customers. It offers non-custodial SC exchange, as well as advanced protocols to provide maximum security.
  • Buy, sell, and swap SC within a few minutes. Instantly receive your Siacoin in your wallet.
  • By employing a simplistic yet dynamic process and constantly adapting its asset selection, ChangeNOW enables a versatile environment for pros and beginners.
  • You can avoid the hassles of registration while performing a transaction on ChangeNOW; all you need is a SC wallet.
  • No limits are imposed on any SC exchange. It is a limitless service, and you can transact with less than $2 as well.

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