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Polymath crypto price

POLY crypto market overview

Polymath Price for today is $0.23. Its current circulating supply is poly 1,000,000,000 with a market cap of $205,427,055.22.


$ 0.23


$ 205,427,055.22

24h % PRICE

-5.06 %


$ 22,433,257.11

7d % PRICE

24.29 %


1,000,000,000 POLY

What is Polymath and POLY token?

Polymath is a security token issuing platform built upon the Ethereum blockchain. It was created by Trevor Koverko and Chris Housser in 2017, and the STO of Polymath was registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Rule 506(b). Generally, Polymath becomes the first token to be fully SEC-compliant, and its goal is to help other projects to create their digital assets as such.

Polymath focuses on passing KYC/AML and other legalities. Simply put, it allows you to issue your digital security without any interactions with the SEC and do nearly nothing to pass the SEC's validations. The platform consists of four layers: Protocol, Application, Legal, and Exchange:

  1. The Protocol layer is a smart contract with all terms of the project;
  2. The Application layer is where one can create a security token.
  3. The Legal layer serves for governance topics and creating templates.
  4. The last one – Exchange – is like Bitcoin's digital ledger. It's a place where all transactions are recorded.

In transactions within the Polymath network participates three types of users: investors, developers, and issuers:

  1. Issuers are those who create and issue security tokens. They pay a fee in POLY tokens for this;
  2. Investors pay POLY tokens for KYC/AML verifications and transactions fees;
  3. Developers only get a reward in POLY for keeping the network updated and secure.

POLY token fuels the entire platform of Polymath. It can't be mined. However, it can be staked as soon as Polymath is a Proof of Stake-based blockchain. 240,000,000 POLY were quickly airdropped after the network launch, 760,000,000 more retained by the team for maintaining further development.

How to buy POLY

Users can buy POLY on ChangeNOW for one of 350+ cryptocurrencies or 50+ fiat currencies:

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How to sell POLY

Swap Polymath coins for an asset from our rich crypto selection by following the steps below:

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Polymath Q&A

  • Check out the real-time POLY price updates at the top of the page. An important note is that this amount doesn't cover any network transaction fees or our service costs – those are included in the estimate when you create an exchange. In short, the best way to check out the exact transaction amount is to use our Polymath calculator. Set up the assets to use for the transaction, and our service will display the correct amount for you.

  • Tons of platforms offer such an option. However, only ChangeNOW can provide:

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  • We offer two rates to help our customers trade with the lowest fees: classic and fixed rates. The classic rate works based on current market prices and transaction fees. Note that they are susceptible to change due to market fluctuations and the volatility of POLY. The fixed-rate option will offer a rate that won't change until the transaction is complete, and you can rely on this rate as the actual amount you will receive – ChangeNOW takes all the risks involved upon itself.