Memetic / PepeCoin (MEME)

Memetic-pepecoin coin

What Is Memetic?

Memetic (PepeCoin) is an open-source P2P cryptocurrency, it’s the base of the Kekdaq platform. Kekdaq is the first PoS fork of the Counterparty DEX which operates on the PepeCoin blockchain. The goal of the platform is to preserve memes. Users can create, share and trade memes for MEME or KDAQ (a second crypto of the ecosystem). Memes can be tokenized at low fees, while users can develop their own markets. The blockchain provides a hash secured image and file storage with a decentralized moderation ability.

What Are The Memetic Advantages?

Simplicity: user’s passphrase is his/her wallet, all addresses and keys are instantly generated during log in.

MasterNodes (MasterToads): users can run their own nodes, helping to strengthen and secure the PepeCoin blockchain. MsaterToads are paid a percentage of newly minted blocks.

Tokenized and tradable assets.

How To Store MEME Coin?

There is an official Kekdaq wallet.

How To Buy MEME Coin?

MEME coin is listed on Bittrex and Upbit exchanges. You may always check the most relevant MEME price on CoinMarketCap.

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