Melon (MLN)

Melon coin

What Is Melon?

Melon is an ETH-based protocol for decentralized on-chain asset management and investment. It allows both individuals and businesses to manage their wealth and wealth of others in a customizable and safe environment. The protocol is a set of smart contracts each performing a specific functionality: accounting, assets custody, trading etc. Once bundled together via a Hub contract, they work together as a fund. MLN token is called “asset management gas” which is required for: setting-up a fund, investing and claiming fees.

What Are The Melon Advantages?

Accessible to everyone.

Cheaper than traditional procedure of setting-up a fund.

Eliminates the need of complex auditing and 3rd party custodians.

How To Store MLN Coin?

Since MLN is an ERC-20 token, it’s compatible with any Ethereum wallet.

How To Buy MLN Coin?

MLN coin is listed on Bittrex, HitBTC, Kraken and Livecoin exchanges. You may always check the most relevant MLN price on CoinMarketCap.

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