Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

What is Enjin crypto?

Enjin is a well-known content management system designed for the gaming community. It cooperates with several major developers of online games, including Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Rust, Guild Wars and others. On the platform, there are several important options for both game creators and gamers. During the rise of cryptocurrencies, the platform held the Enjin ICO and launched its own token.

Enjin Coin is designed to make payments within the system. The idea is to simplify the process of paying for services or accesses on the platform. After the introduction of ENJ, the company began to develop open-source software, on which cryptographic wallets, payment gateways, management applications and more will be built.

The creators of Enjin Coin did not invent a bicycle, and used perhaps the most convenient tool to date - the ERC20 token to create a means of payment. The cryptocurrency works on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives a number of advantages. According to the developers, ENJ will be able to solve a number of major problems. In particular, it will help to create an open and safe market, and gamers will be able to earn through activity. Also, Enjin coin mining is available, it is performed alike Ethereum and other tokens based on its protocols.

What are the advantages of the Enjin Coin?

  • The cryptocurrency is used on a well-known platform. According to the recent news, Enjin has 20 million users worldwide. It has an excellent reputation and is able to develop ENJ further. This will have a positive impact on the commercial attractiveness of the coin, and provides positive Enjin coin price predictions.

  • Transparency of transactions. ENJ will provide an opportunity to create a transparent market of gaming products on the site. This will also attract interest in cryptocurrency from gamers.

  • Reliable technical support from the community. Enjin experts respond quickly to any problems or delays in transactions, eliminating them. This is important for user trust.

  • Grandiose plans. According to the leaders of the platform, Enjin Coin should unite 250 thousand gaming communities and more than 20 million users. This will attract new participants and investors to the project, which will also lead to a further rise in the Enjin coin price.

Where to store the Enjin Coin?

To store the cryptocurrency, the team created its own Enjin coin wallet. It works in several versions. HTML5-Wallet can be registered in just a few seconds. A deterministic Groestlcoin wallet allows you to keep digital money on Android devices. Electrum-wallet is a lightweight wallet that allows you to store Enjin Coin online on your address.

How to buy Enjin Coin?

Enjin Coin is traded at several major exchanges. The undisputed leader here is Binance. It hosts 89% of all trades on the ENJ. UpBit and Bittrex trading platforms account for 3.8% and 3.7% respectively. Also from the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx, where 1.3% of trading pairs with Enjin Coin are held, can be noted. You can monitor the rates for Enjin coin at Coinmarketcap.

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