DAI coin (DAI)


What is DAI coin?

In 2017, at the peak of the popularity of blockchain-based services, the Maker platform was launched. It is designed to work on decentralized applications: their development, storage and distribution to users. At the same time, the team launched two types of coins - Maker and DAI. The first cryptocurrency is more of a standard one and is used to develop its own exchange. The second coin is more interesting.

DAI is a stablecoin that should solve the problem of high volatility of crypto assets. Maker specialists tied it to the us dollar (USD) with the ratio of 1:1. It is impossible to mine coins, the DAI coin total supply is already set, but they can be obtained in a special way on the platform itself. The idea of the cryptocurrency is very similar to Tether, but it has key differences that cause more trust in DAI stable coin from the community.

What are the advantages of the DAI coin?

  • Stablecoin. The holders of the cryptocoins may not worry that their cryptocurrency will become suddenly worthless. The movement of the exchange rate is carried out simultaneously with the change in the value of the dollar.

  • Ethereum Platform. For the development of DAI coin, the universal token ERC20 was taken as the basis, and the service itself works on the Ethereum blockchain, which has established itself as one of the best available options today.

  • A special mechanism for the acquisition of DAI. Cryptocurrencies are converted through the platform via exchange for Ethereum tokens. The user has the right to create a certain number of coins, spend them at his discretion, and convert the remaining DAI back to ETH.

Where to store the DAI?

Since the DAI cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain, the majority of wallets working with ETH will be suitable for its storage. The most famous of them is MyEtherWallet - the official cryptocurrency storage from Vitalik Buterin's team. You can also use several multicurrency wallets. If you own several types of coins and want to buy DAI, you can store them together in Atomic and Exodus wallets. In addition, the token can be stored on a hardware device. It is supported by one of the most famous crypto-wallets of this type - Ledger Nano 5. Also you can follow the recent DAI coin news to be the first to know about additional storage options.

How to buy DAI?

You can buy Dai cryptocurrency on the website of the Maker platform. But you need to know that the conversion is only possible if you have Ethereum. Well-known trading platforms are almost not interested in the DAI project. We can only name Gate.io and Bibox. among the more or less famous cryptocurrency exchanges on which you can buy the coin. The actual DAI coin price is $1 plus or minus 5%. You can follow DAI coin rate at Coinmarketcap.

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