Chronobank (TIME)


What is the Chronobank?

The cryptocurrency industry has become not only one of the most innovative in technical terms. It has the opportunity to implement the most unusual ideas that can only come to mind. One of these is, for example, the purchase of working time. That is, you do not order a service in the company, but rent employees through the service for an hour, two, three. This possibility is real with the Chronobank service.

Chronobank is a platform on which users can purchase work time. This site can be useful for freelancers, industrial works, construction, consulting services, cleaning, storage facilities, etc. The Chronobank ICO caused a considerable resonance in society. Such well-known publications as The Huffington Post, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The Block Chain, Bitcoin Magazine, News BTC and others have written about it.

The TIME token is an internal means of payment for the service, with which you can pay for the services. It is not available for hardware mining. The Chronobank coin can be purchased on the service itself or on cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are the advantages of the Chronobank?

  • Easy to find the contractors. The idea of the site is to gather a huge number of customers and companies ready to take up the work. Paying with the Chronobank cryptocurrency for a certain number of hours, customers receive services during this time.

  • Universality. The platform is capable of working with ETH (ERC20), Waves and NEM tokens. In the future, it is possible to bind other popular blockchains, which can be used as payment means.

  • Justice. As reported by Forbes, the project team plans to tie tokens to the cost of labor hours in various markets. In particular, Chronobank has planned to launch in Europe, the USA, the UK and Australia. Therefore, you can count on the most objective cost of services and payment for the work of specialists.

Where to store the Chronobank?

You can store the Chronobank tokens on a large number of wallets. For example, fans of Ethereum can use the official wallet of the system - MyEtherWallet. In addition, the technology supports the multi-currency storages, including quite popular. For example, Chronobank tokens are stored in Jaxx, Atomic, Exodus, Guarda, imToker, etc.

How to buy the Chronobank?

The project turned out to be quite popular, but large cryptocurrency exchanges practically bypassed it. TIME is traded only on several well-known trading platforms such as Livecoin, HitBTC, Mercatox. The greatest volume of trading is carried out in pair TIME/BTC on the cryptocurrency exchange Liqui. It has about $ 40,000 deals a day. You can see the current rate of the Chronobank coin on Coinmarketcap.

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