Gulden (NLG)

Gulden (NLG)

What is the Gulden (NLG)?

Before joining the Netherlands in the European Union, the internal currency was called the gulden, which is translated from German as “gold coin”. However, with the beginning of the use of the Euro, the old currency was withdrawn, and it became the property of collectors. This was until 2014, when a group of crypto-enthusiasts from the Netherlands decided to revive Gulden in the form of cryptocurrency.

Gulden (NLG) is a digital currency that is used as an independent means of payment. The developers planned to make it a national cryptocurrency of the Netherlands. The main idea of the creators was to improve the crypto industry, which in their opinion had become obsolete by 2014. Curiously, unlike many other coins, Gulden has a practical application. It is accepted by some stores in the Netherlands and can also be used in the IBAN system.

Gulden was the result of hard forks of Litecoin and uses a Scrypt encryption algorithm. In the digital currency, the mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Work 2.0 is used. The Gulden coin mining is possible. It is carried out by the same programs as LTC. You need to download the software and install it on your device. Then select the preferred pool. Edit the .bat file, prescribing all the necessary settings and you can start mining. You can always refer to the recent Gulden coin news if you want to know more about the currency.

What are the advantages of the Gulden?

  • Advanced blockchain. FThanks to the consensus mechanism of Proof-of-Work 2.0, the developers managed to significantly improve the security and scalability of the new cryptocurrency.

  • Stability. Proof-of-Work 2.0 allowed to add an important option Gulden Delta. Thanks to it, the stability of the system operation is significantly increased, as well as the consistency of the block time is improved.

  • Expedited transactions. It will take only a few minutes to complete the financial transaction. This became possible due to only 1 or 2 confirmations of the transaction.

  • Possibility of passive income. In the Gulden system there is a possibility of deposit accumulation of crypto coins. After selecting this function, a certain part of the NLG in your account is frozen and used as part of the blockchain, for which the user receives a reward.

Where to store the Gulden?

The cryptocurrency can be stored only in the official Gulden coin wallets of the payment system. All of them are cold. There are five versions for different operating systems, so, the storage can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS. The functionality of the wallet is quite extensive, there are all the necessary functions. The user can quickly check the balance, the cryptocurrency rate, make a transfer to the required wallet.

How to buy the Gulden coin

Despite the fact that Gulden was quite popular in the Netherlands, and even has a real practical application, crypto exchanges almost completely ignored the Gulden coin. It can only be bought on Bittrex or Socks. After completing the transaction, you can withdraw the coin to your own wallet in the system or leave the crypto coin on your own account on the exchange. You can see the current Gulden coin value at

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