How To Buy TRON Coin

As you may already know, Tron is a decentralized platform that aims for creating a global entertainment network. It was developed in a way that allows content creators to upload their works directly for the consumer to see, bypassing intermediaries such as the Apple Store and Google Play. Tron provides its community with a completely free and reliable platform for publishing, storing and distributing any types of creative content as well as stimulates content creators to upload more with an inner currency.

As we have already talked over the question “Is Tron worth buying?” in our previous posts, in this article, we will focus the following ways on how to buy Tron.

How to buy Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency:

  1. buy Tron with USD
  2. buy Tron coin with PayPal
  3. buy Tron with Coinbase
  4. buy Tron on Binance

How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency

As usual, there are two main options to buy Tron coin: you are bound to use an exchange or a swap service. There’re always also peer-to-peer services that offer you to buy Tron from fellow users for you to choose from but we wouldn’t recommend this option if you are not an experienced user or if you value your cyber security and funds.  

At the moment there are multiple ways to buy Tron coin as it is a popular currency and is supported by most of the big platforms. Generally, it is more difficult to buy Tron coin with USD as very few exchanges allow purchasing Tron with fiat currencies but we will touch it in the following parts of the article. Before you buy Tron do not forget to get a suitable wallet that will keep your funds safe.

How To Buy Tron With USD

So, if you are dead set on buying Tron with USD and looking for options how to buy Tron on Binance you will need a bank card and an account on a trusted service that sells cryptocurrencies for fiat. We suggest using Coinbase. At first, buy a buffer currency that is widely accepted. Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin should work just fine. To buy these currencies on Coinbase you will need to verify your email and enter your personal information. After that, you should verify the credit card or bank account info and make a transfer on your account. Now you are able to buy any supported on Coinbase currency with your fiat funds.

Then, all you have to do is sign up to a big exchange like Binance, transfer your crypto from Coinbase on your Binance account and buy Tron. If you have already bought any other digital currency through the Binance crypto-exchange, then you know how to buy the Tron. The process consists of several basic stages: signing up your own account on Binance stock exchange, replenishing your account with Bitcoin (or any supported altcoin) and directly buying Tron. It is as simple as it sounds. Unfortunately, this is the only valid answer to the question of “How to buy Tron with USD on Binance?”

How To Buy Tron Stock

If you have already bought any other digital currency on a crypto exchange then you are familiar with the process and there should be no difficulties with using any service as their workflow is pretty much identical. If you plan to sell coins and make a profit within a few days, we would recommend that you keep the funds on the exchange itself. However, if you want to keep Tron coins for a long time it is better to transfer them to your wallet.

If at the start of sales Tron cryptocurrency tokens were sold on a few exchanges but now the number of supporting platforms has increased tenfold. In order to find an option most suitable for you to buy Tron coin, it is better to go investigate the list of exchanges that work with Tron on or websites alike. Maybe they are supported on your favourite platform! After reviewing this list, it is clear that the largest exchanges that are in top on the daily trading volume allow you to buy Tron cryptocurrency. Among them, there are Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex, HitBTC, etc. These exchanges include TRX trading pairs with BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. Some even support fiat money transfers.

Among them, Binance is the most popular option. It is a large exchange that allows you to conduct Tron coin buy and sell transactions as profitably as possible. The platform is suitable not only for investors but also for those who want to engage in active trading. The main disadvantage of Binance is the need to use additional intermediaries for the purchase of some additional cryptocurrency as Binance do not accept fiat money. It is frustrating but it allows Binance to operate in the USA and other countries so many people still prefer to deal with it.

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How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency In USA

The USA is notorious for having peculiar laws when it comes to cryptocurrencies and their regulations. Some exchanges do not work there and customers are forced to use less appealing options. However, in this case, you might be lucky as all of our previously discussed options and platforms are allowed to perform in the USA. However, none of them is accepting USD so in this case instead of looking for ways to buy Tron cryptocurrency with USD it is much more efficient to look how to buy Tron with Ethereum or how to buy Tron with Bitcoin.

As we have already mentioned, exchanges are the most profitable way to buy Tron cryptocurrency. Due to the direct interaction between sellers and buyers, the transaction fee is minimal, which allows you to purchase more cryptocurrency for the same amount of money. The exchanges can be successfully used both for active trading and for long-term investments. The main difficulty in working with any exchange is a balance replenishment as, in the USA, most trading platforms work only with cryptocurrency. On the other hand, if you are an experienced trader you are much more likely to wonder how to buy Tron with Litecoin than with USD as you probably already have some type of crypto on your wallet.

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