How to exchange BCH to BTC

ChangeNOW is one of the most convenient Bitcoin Cash trading platforms to buy Bitcoin Cash with. It doesn’t require you to create an account, you may skip unnecessary steps and it supports more than 160 coins and tokens! There are four easy steps following which you can exchange Bitcoin Cash in record time.

How to exchange BCH to BTC in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your cryptocurrencies
  2. Enter the recipient address
  3. Confirm your transaction
  4. Make a deposit

Step 1. Choose your cryptocurrencies

First of all, go to the main page of ChangeNOW’s website. There you can see lists with supported currencies. As you want to buy Bitcoin Cash now you need to choose a coin that you will buy it with. For this example, let’s choose Bitcoin. Look at the special calculator! It will show the estimated number of BCH that you are going to get. Make some adjustments if needed. Press Next.

Step 2. Enter the recipient address

On this step you have to enter the address of the wallet that will receive the exchanged Bitcoin Cash coins, i.d. the recipient’s address. In case if you do not have the suitable wallet yet proceed to the  “Don’t have a crypto wallet yet?” option to chose a trusted platform. You will be able to create a wallet there.

Step 3. Confirm your transaction

Even if you are confident in yourself now is the time to double check the entered information. After, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by pressing Confirm.

Step 4. Make a deposit

Now it is time to send the BTC deposit to the generated address. You can conduct the transaction manually or use a QR code shown at the screen.

Step 5. Get NOW tokens!

To reward our customers for using ChangeNOW for every exchange, we grant NOW tokens. Enter your  ERC-20 ETH wallet address and we will send the tokens there. You can spend them at our platform to buy access to some special features. For example, accelerated support and better exchange rates. Thanks for choosing ChangeNOW!

That's it! Thank you for checking out this guide from ChangeNOW, your favorite Bitcoin Cash trading platform!

Best Bitcoin Cash trading platforms


Huobi is the most famous cryptocurrency exchange among those that still work in China. Many trading platforms (such as Binance) left China after the country significantly complicated the regulation of cryptocurrencies. But Huobi continues to operate in China, and retains the status of one of the best trading platforms for digital assets in Asia.

Huobi is a global platform that is constantly expanding. The service operates a special system of evaluation of digital assets, which can be considered one of the most objective to date. The protection of users on the exchange was also taken care of. The service specialists have developed a unique protection against DDoS attacks. No serious incidents at Huobi have been fixed. Cryptocurrencies are stored in “cold” wallets.

However, investors are repelled from full-fledged work with Huobi by the constant uncertainty about the future of digital assets in China. On the service, you need to go through the verification procedure, but it may seem quite difficult. The main payment systems presented on the trading platform are Chinese, it is problematic to replenish the account with fiat money from Europe.


Coinbase appeared in 2012, but until 2018, it was known under the brand GDAX. The service is registered in the United States and is headquartered in San Francisco. The creators of the trading platform were looking for solutions that could make the storage and exchange of digital assets simple and fast from the very beginning of the company.

The service has a fairly user-friendly interface, it is easy to understand even for a beginner. The peculiarity of Coinbase is in the cold storage of crypto assets, the trading platform has its own wallet. The funds are stored directly on the users' devices, which makes it much more difficult for attackers to access them. The service provides insurance, which fully covers the amount. In addition, you can use an interesting referral program that will help you to get additional income at the expense of invited users.

The main disadvantage of Coinbase is a fairly small number of options for depositing and withdrawing funds. In particular, Coinbase does not support fiat currencies. Another important nuance is the small number of trading pairs. You can buy Bitcoin Cash on the service without problems, but if you need a less well-known cryptocurrency, you will not be able to buy it.


Bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange from South Korea. It was founded in 2012, and is one of the oldest marketplaces. The owner of the trading platform is still reliably unknown, although the project is serious and quite popular both in Asia and in Europe. At different times, Bithumb even took first place in the world in terms of daily turnover. Some of the digital assets which appeared at this exchange, immediately rose in price.

On Bithumb, there is a huge emphasis on safety. From hacking in 2017, the correct conclusions were made and today the trading platform is one of the most protected in the world. Commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds from the crypto-exchange are completely absent, and for the trading transactions they are within the average values - 0.2%. The technical support solves problems pretty quickly. A unique solution from Bithumb is the presence of its own offline center.

The main problem of the trading platform is that it is aimed directly at customers from South Korea. There is no support for any languages other than Korean and it is not possible to deposit any fiat currency other than won. Due to the focus on the domestic market, investors who come from other countries have difficulties in identifying. A less significant problem is the lack of a large number of altcoins on the service.


Little-known exchange, which is not in great demand among users. Among the advantages of the service, there is the support of fiat currencies. It is possible to replenish and conduct trading with the help of dollar or euro. There is a certain number of trading pairs, which still creates a variety. An interesting advantage of Coinfloor is the possibility of over-the-counter trading, which is unusual for little-known services.

The disadvantages include low liquidity due to the small number of users. In addition, users are required to undergo verification and confirm their identity.


HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Denmark. The service appeared in 2013 and managed to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency world. The trading platform is of interest for bot-traders. first of all.

The list of tokens available for exchange via HitBTC is quite wide. The registration process is quick and easy. The interface is also user-friendly. The exchange has low fees (0,1%) and advanced user interface with powerful tools for analytics and analysis. One of the nice options is a demo mode - you can try to trade in real market without investing money. To deposit and withdraw fiat funds, users should go through verification. Still, the exchange will be available even without verification, but only in crypto mode.

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