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Crypto ExchangeCrypto Exchange
Crypto WalletCrypto Wallet
Payment GatewayPayment Gateway
Fiat on/off-rampFiat on/off-ramp

All you need in one API

850+ crypto assets

All popular blockchains, stablecoins, trending tokens – over 319 000 exchange pairs! New assets are constantly being added, so you'll always have access to the latest and greatest.See available coins
850+ crypto assets

Consistent referral profit

Earn a referral percentage for each transaction your customers make on your website. Start from 0.4% or higher and customize your commission for specific assets/pairs, if you wish.Become a partner
Consistent referral profit

Fiat on- and off-ramp

Fiat on- and off-ramp is available upon request. Onboard your customers into F2C/C2F directly on your platform.Become a partner
Fiat on- and off-ramp

Several exchange flow options

Get the best possible market rates with both standard and fixed rate options. A simple way to expand your client base.See API docs
Several exchange flow options

Liquidity from CEXes and DEXes Combined

All assets are inter-exchangeable, allowing users to make cross-chain swaps. ChangeNOW offers thousands of exchange pairs, including rare ones you don’t usually see.Get in touch
Liquidity from CEXes and DEXes Combined

Adapt our API to any platform

Build an exchange service from scratch or incorporate our API into an existing platform. Our API works with both web platforms and mobile apps.See API docs
Adapt our API to any platform

Stable and Reliable API

99.99%Availability Percent
10 minAccident Warning Time
350 msResponse Time
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How to set up ChangeNOW API

Sign up for Partner ProgramIntegrate our APIAnnounce successful integration 🎉

and get your unique API key (you can find it in Profile Details)

Use your unique API key to make sure that the referral profit is credited to you

Let your community know about your launch and start earning consistent profit!

Sign up for Partner ProgramIntegrate our APIAnnounce successful integration 🎉
See API docs

Partner Benefits

By integrating our API, you become ChangeNOW Partner and get access to numerous benefits

Partner PrivilegesPartner Privileges

Every partner that integrates our solution gains access to exclusive features and discounts depending on monthly volume.

Partner Privileges

Profit ManagementProfit Management

Fully customizable profit options. Set your own fees, choose various exchange pairs, and make as much with ChangeNOW as you’d like. Starting from 0.4%.

Profit Management

Simple IntegrationSimple Integration

Go from zero to hero with the ChangeNOW API. Easily integrate either a fixed-rate exchange flow or a standard one with our documentation.

Simple Integration

24/7 Support24/7 Support

We can handle any support requests all the way through. Wrong network deposits, duplicated transactions, no memo, etc. – our support team and your personal manager will be happy to help you 24/7.

24/7 Support

Flexible withdrawalsFlexible withdrawals

Connect your address and withdraw your profits at anytime in 11 cryptocurrencies of your choice. Fiat is available too!

Flexible withdrawals

Free maintenanceFree maintenance

Once the solution is integrated, all maintenance is on us. Just let us know if you need anything!

Free maintenance
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Enhance your business with crypto exchange and start generating consistent profit. Integrate our solutions and give your customers access to over 850 cryptocurrencies with competitive exchange rates.Explore products
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