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What is Zilliqa and ZIL?

Zilliqa is a blockchain network that strives to increase the speed of transactions while guaranteeing scalability, in order to resolve the blockchain trilemma. Zilliqa originated in the National University of Singapore as conceived by Professor Prateek Saxena and was developed by a team of researchers, entrepreneurs, and engineers and the technology is peer-reviewed. It was launched in 2017. The project focuses on increasing blockchain scalability with the help of sharding.

With the ZIL token, the network allows for both staking and yield farming. With Zilliqa, developers and businesses can build decentralized applications on a scalable and secure network. The network uses sharding as a scaling solution. The ZIL token is specifically used in transaction executions, as well as executing smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. ZIL is also used for staking which then allows ZIL holders to vote on network upgrades. The network’s speed of transactions per second has made the project developers aim at rivaling payment giants including Visa and Mastercard.

In April 2022, Zilliqa officially joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) which aims to link developers in the gaming industry and developers in the blockchain industry. This membership will support Zilliqa’s development of blockchain-based games.