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WAX Price for today is $0.29. Its current circulating supply is waxp 3,800,491,090 with a market cap of $510,193,977.68.


$ 0.29


$ 510,193,977.68

24h % PRICE

3.44 %


$ 81,252,116.63

7d % PRICE

3.05 %


3,800,491,090 WAXP

WAX crypto explained

The history of WAX started much earlier than its release date. Back in 2015 team of 3 developers – John Brechisci, Jonathan Yantis, and William Quigley – created OPSkins – a digital marketplace for video games assets, like rare collectibles and other valuable in-game items. In 2017 the same team introduced WAX – Worldwide Assets eXchange, which in particular was the next step onwards creating the best platform for videogame assets trading. Despite the WAX release, OPSkins continued to work until its close in 2021.

WAX declares itself as the blockchain for NFTs, video games, dApps, and collectibles. It has full backward compatibility with EOS which means that all dApps built on EOS can be easily duplicated on WAX. The consensus algorithm chosen by WAX is also nothing new – it’s a well-known Delegated Proof of Stake, with all its pros and cons. Using DPoS means that native WAX tokens can be used for staking and producing blocks. However as soon as WAX is dApps- and smart contracts-oriented blockchain – WAX crypto can also be used to pay fees for their execution. The third utility of the WAX coins is that you can buy assets on WAX with WAX – this currency is fully accepted as a payment method of the digital marketplace.

During its ICO in November 2017, WAX sold 64,750,000 ERC-20 tokens worth $9,6 million. These ERC-20 tokens could be easily swapped to mainnet WAX tokens. The initial supply of WAX coins, generated by the Genesis block is 1,850,000,000 WAX, and ERC-20 tokens, sold during the ICO may also be easily converted to mainnet ones.


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WAXP to USD exchange

On ChangeNOW you can swap WAX (WAXP) with any other crypto from the list, however, you are not limited to only crypt-to-crypto exchanges. Thanks to our third-party partners, like Simplex and Guardarian, you can buy or sell WAX crypto directly using your fiat money on a bank account, or credit card with Visa or MasterCard payment system. It’s as easy as a regular crypto-to-crypto swap doesn’t require registration, and will be processed in a few minutes.

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