Komodo (KMD)

Komodo (KMD)

Overall Komodo coin review

Komodo coin (KMD) was born in 2016, shortly before the heyday of cryptocurrencies. Its creator is known in the community as cryptanthus jl777. The main idea of the project was to combine the advantages of Bitcoin and Zcash. From BTC the dPoW consensus mechanism was taken, which makes it possible to confirm transactions from the blockchain of the world's main cryptocurrency, and from ZEC anonymity and protection of personal data were taken. You can learn more on Komodo coin history by visiting its official website or Komodo coin Reddit.

Komodo coin mining is available. It is carried out according to the standard scheme, using video cards. The greater the performance of video adapters, the greater the reward the miner will receive. In addition, the developers have allowed the possibility of mining cryptocurrency using ASIC-miners.

What are the advantages of the Komodo cryptocurrency?

  • An upgraded version of Zcash. The creator provided the ZEC hardfork and improved the system, making it more secure.

  • Partnership with SuperNET. From this, KMD has received many advantages. In particular, it was possible to bring personal data protection to a new level, improve the quality of asset chain reproduction and create additional sections, thereby improving the network infrastructure.

  • High speed of transactions. Developments in this direction were also borrowed from ZEC. In addition, the developers have introduced their technology, which allowed even faster financial transactions.

  • The use of the algorithm Equilhash. An important aspect for the safety of KMD. Equilhash has a function of processing information with the help of notarial nodes, which makes it difficult to hack the system and obtain user data.

Where to store Komodo?

Komodo can only be stored in various cryptocurrency wallets. By the way, you may check the official Komodo coin wallet, which is available on the website of the cryptocurrency. It is desktop, but adapted to the leading operating systems – Windows, Linux, MacOS. Installing a wallet is no more difficult than any other program. Download the installation file and follow the instructions. Once completed, you will need to register. The functionality of the wallet is small, it only allows you to receive, send and transfer tokens. Users get some bonus. If the user conducts at least one transaction in the network, at the end of the year he will receive a reward in the form of 5% of the balance.

Where to buy the Komodo coin?

Komodo was quickly added to the listing of large coin exchanges. Main trading is concentrated on Binance. In particular, there is 37.11% of transactions for a pair of KMD/BTC and 8% of KMD/ETH. Upbit is also a major player. Here 27% of operations on KMD/BTC and 9% on KMD/ETH are performed. Another 17% of transactions are accounted for Bittrex. In addition, you can buy the Komodo coin iat Cryptopia and HitBTC, however, their share does not even have 1% of transactions. You can check the actual Komodo coin price at Coinmarketcap.

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