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What Is The Kadena (KDA) Coin?

Kadena is a Proof-of-Work(PoW) blockchain that deploys the PoW consensus mechanism combined with the Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG). It is built for mass adoption and uses a multi-chain approach.

The goal of Kadena is to provide the security of Bitcoin and unparalleled throughput together. This would make it scalable for users and enterprises and can be scaled to support global financial systems.

KDA coin is the native token of the ecosystem and is used for paying gas fees, computational power, etc. The network has gas stations where businesses can pay for the gas fees on behalf of their customers thus facilitating adoption.

What Is Kadena (KDA) Used For?

The blockchain is designed to provide solutions to some of the biggest issues with the blockchain industry, i.e. scalability and mass adoption. It does so by braiding multiple chains (20 chains) that work together simultaneously and asynchronously for validating transactions. It can be scaled according to the needs of the users and can mint multiple blocks at the same time.

The miners on the network are compensated in KDA tokens and are also used to pay for transactions on the network. The Kadena network can also be used to issue and trade NFTs.