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Mainframe Price live, Cryptocurrency Mainframe Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

Mainframe Price for today is $0.001. Its current circulating supply is MFT 10,000,000,000 with a market cap of $5,739,799.42.


$ 0.001


$ 5,739,799.42

24h % PRICE

-4.907 %


$ 1,716,135.55

7d % PRICE

-4.097 %


10,000,000,000 MFT

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Mainframe Background

Mainframe is a decentralized protocol that allows people to borrow at fixed rates in a decentralized environment. The system allows anyone who has crypto assets to access instant liquidity on the project. The loans are operated in the same manner as zero-coupon bonds, whereby the loans automatically settle at a pre-determined date.

Unlike other DeFi projects, the Mainframe project has a liquidation architecture that allows resources to revert to the ecosystem on liquidation. This factor helps the loans settle reliably even in times of market volatility. The overall working mechanism of Mainframe is straightforward. A borrower deposits collateral, which mints MFT tokens. Lenders buy the tokens at a discount and redeem them at their face value when they mature. If the collateral account fails to meet requirements, guarantors buy the collateral at a lower price.

MFT can then be traded for any crypto on a Mainframe converter like ChangeNOW. MFT exchange here usually takes around 5 minutes. Users looking to enter the ecosystem can also use this Mainframe converter to change fiat and other cryptos to MFT and use it to vote on the overall direction of the project. If you are interested in Mainframe market dynamics, you can check out our 2020 Mainframe price prediction.

Main Features

The most important element of this project is that of collateral rehypothecation. This allows users to increase their leverage level while maintaining the same level of base asset. The rehypothecation feature also allows the protocol to offer fixed-rate loans without being affected by market volatility.

How to convert Mainframe?

Sometimes you need a way to Mainframe exchange to other coins, or cash. The transaction can be for trading, or to get money for whatever reason. To convert MFT, you need a service that is fast, easy to use and has low fees. Try using as your personal MFT converter as it offers all of that, and you can exchange MFT without registration and with no upper limit.