Ardor (ARDR)


What is Ardor?

The Ardor cryptocurrency (ARDR) is a project developed by the NXT blockchain team. The platform was created to simplify the integration of crypto assets into the business, its main task is to facilitate the exchange of digital money for companies. Experts have released a new version of NXT, which successfully solved several key problems. In particular, we are talking about scalability and bloat blocks.

The basis of the platform is the Ardor token. It has the role of maintaining the blockchain and issuing coins to transaction fees, which is equivalent to mining on the mechanism of Proof-of-Stake, provided in NXT. The service is equipped with a number of tools that simplify its work for business and improve the functionality compared to the previous version.

Hardware mining for cryptocurrency is not provided. Digital money can be obtained in ways that are provided by the implemented algorithm Proof-of-Stake. The ARDR emission is strictly limited to counteract inflation. Only the platform managers can issue new Ardor (ARDR) coins on the basis of voting results.

What are the advantages of the Ardor coin?

  • The presence of the cloud data. All information that gets into Ardor is sent to the service storage, from where it can be received by the owner at any time.

  • Account control. The blockchain implements such features as the prohibition of access to the profile, or the prohibition of a financial transaction without the approval of several participants.

  • CoinShuffle. An innovative development from the Ardor team. The system is designed for the rapid and safe movement of crypto-coins with the help of other users' funds. Thus, it became possible to significantly increase the anonymity of transfers and data protection, according to the Ardor coin news.

  • Voting. All decisions in the system are made only on the basis of voting results of the users. To implement these or other changes, it is necessary that the majority approve them.

Where to store the ARDR coin?

Unfortunately, there are very few options for storing ARDR. You can keep the cryptocurrency only in official wallets. You can download them from the official website. After downloading to your computer, you need to unzip the archive, select the installation file and wait for the installation on your computer. Then it remains only to quickly go through the registration procedure, and you can start working with the crypto asset.

How to buy the Ardor coin?

Most trades on this coin pass on the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange. But please note that here you can sell or buy Ardor only for South Korean won. As for trading pairs with BTC, there are several world-famous platforms, including Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Poloniex, AEX. In addition, the crypto-exchange Binance also offers trading pairs ARDR/ETH. To see the current Ardor coin price, you can visit Coinmarketcap.

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