TRON Price Prediction for 2020 and the Long Run

TRON is one of the most promising crypto projects, it has a great community, many lovers and haters, as its cryptocurrency (TRX coin) has a high rating among the largest cryptocurrencies. The blockchain company has ambitious and sometimes controversial plans that focus on conquering the entertainment industry. TRON’s platform is heavily capitalized and supported by large Chinese companies. Moreover, TRX coin price prediction is among the most positive one in the crypto market, here's why.

TRON Overview: What is TRX?

TRON is a cryptocurrency platform created by a Chinese tech entrepreneur, Justin Sun. The blockchain startup launched at the end of 2017 and its coin (TRX) has had a huge success later in 2018. The company seeks to implement the concept of free Internet for everyone. The main idea was to use the capabilities of the blockchain for Interplay with various types of platforms from social networks to online games, which can bring a huge user base in the future. TRON is a decentralized environment with an open-source code adopted mostly for the entertainment market. TRX Blockchain supports a large number of running applications and it is able to process more than 2000 transactions per second.

Moreover, its technical solutions presented can significantly expand its scalability of work with decentralized applications and it supports game currencies, so any gaming company operating within the TRON blockchain is able to issue its currency.

TRON Price: What does it depend on?

To accurately determine TRX price in the seeable future, we might have to consider the following factors.

  • Many have criticized the team of TRON for being excessively ambitious. For instance, their 10-year scheduled roadmap casts some doubts, it's not clear enough how they are supposed to go on their way to achieve all their goals.
  • In spite of this, TRON focused on the entertainment market, which currently has turnover estimated at a trillion dollars. Experts report that key players in the entertainment market are observing distributed databases and putting a transferring business process to the blockchain on the table. However, carrying out the transfer requires ready-made solutions that can take both blockchain and entertainment into consideration and TRON could be a solution of which.
  • It is also supported by the renowned Asian businessmen: Dai Wei (founder of the cycling company OFO), Yin Mingshan (CEO of industrial giant Lifan), Tang Binseng (creator of the popular online game “Clash of Kings”), and others. There could be strong faith in the prospects of the project, but this can only be shown if such serious people invest their money in TRON.
  • Other factors affect TRX prices are; TRON TRX news, crypto market growth, supported Dapps, Bitcoin price, etc.

TRON Price Prediction 2020

TRON started the year on a good note, as TRON TRX price continued growth from $0.012 area in January to broke out above a descending resistance line then to reach the peak at $0.027 in February. However, it falls back in March like almost all financial markets to a little bit below the $0.012 area. However, March was an exceptional month, as panic dominated traders from all over the world as a result of global tension and downturns across all sectors due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Regarding TRX future price, we have some forecasts: According to TradingBeasts Price Prediction for 2020, 2022; TRX USD price would not change a lot in 2020, it could rise to just $0.0241727, while it could reach $0.0349044 in 2022.

TRON Long Term Price Prediction

In the coming 2 or 3 years, more and more businesses can embrace this technology, as the price prediction depends on its acceptance ratio also as it rises will be more valuable. Mostly startups like gaming or music startups will adopt this. According to investingPR, TRX price can go up for a long-term +1500% in the TRX stock value with a 5-year investment, which means the TRX price could stand at $0.54 in the year 2023.

Where to Buy TRON?

To buy TRX coins, you don’t need to go far. ChangeNOW offers you buy/sell TRX by only 4 simple steps.

Step 1. On the ChangeNOW home page, choose a currency and enter the amount you would like to deposit. The service will automatically calculate the amount of TRX you will get. Then click on the Exchange button.

Step 2. Enter the TRX address where you would like to receive your coins.

Step 3. Check all the information carefully and if everything is correct, click Confirm. Remember that all operations are irreversible.

Step 4. After you have confirmed the transaction, send Bitcoins to the generated address you see on the screen.


TRON is heavily capitalized and supported widely. Its technical abilities and mechanisms of interaction of the platform's users are very thoughtful. It also focuses on a promising entertainment segment with a significant number of potential users. As a consequence of the aforementioned factors, it is not hard to predict a better TRON project’s successful development, as well as the increase in the exchange rate of the TRX cryptocurrency. To learn more about Bitcoin Cash, please visit the following TRX review in our blog.

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