Top 5 Altcoins To Invest In 2020

‘What is the next coin that will go to the moon?’, ‘Which coin should I buy?’. These are just two examples of many people asking others what the best projects are to invest into. Everyone wants to find the right coin to invest in that will bring them incredible returns that some other projects have done before. Over the past few years, we’ve seen lots of people make it their profession to recommend new coins to other people. Nowadays, Youtube is filled with people making videos, recommending projects to invest in. Everyone has their own reasons for picking this coin or that coin, but never forget to do your own research, DYOR for short. 

Today, we’ll take a look at some lower cap projects that have enormous room for growth. We have looked at some higher capped projects before, but right now our focus is on the smaller coins; the projects that have yet to prove themselves in terms of price development. Some of these projects have shown that they are capable of developing their product properly, so let’s see if the price can catch up in 2020. We all want to know what the ‘best’ coin is for 2020. The fact is, nobody knows – all we can do is guess.

5. LTO.Network (LTO) 

This project has been around since early 2019 and has built an incredible track record so far. With multiple projects that are live and multiple big companies that are actively utilizing the LTO Blockchain, it’s safe to say they have something great going on. This project is coming from The Netherlands and has collaborated with the Dutch Government before to now find themselves working with a wide variety of partners. They have recently released a new product called ‘Proofi’ that’s supposed to be the next way of identifying anyone online. The moment this technology is adopted by larger organizations within the abroad government, we could just see the token jump up real quick.

LTO is sitting at a really low token price of only $0,02 where the highest has been close to 10 times the current price. This combined with the fact that most of the development has been done during the time the price has only been going down, LTO is set to perform really well in the upcoming year. Once the market turns around and people start searching for projects that are actively being used, LTO could just be on that list.

4. Te-Food (TFD)

This project was released right after the market cooled down and all the bulls suddenly turned into bears. After some slight jumps in price the token has since then shown no real signs of strength, but the company behind it has been growing ever since. Striving for the traceability of food, Te-Food, is doing just that.

They currently have 6000+ business customers, 400,000+ operations every single day and more than 100 million people serviced with the ability to track their food. With some impressive partners ranging from large agricultural institutions to Deloitte, Te-Food have been developing their operations since the start. They are number 8 on the list of most used blockchains today, which is really close to the total amount of transactions done on the Bitcoin Blockchain each day. 

The price is sitting at $0.003880 in comparison to its all-time high that hit $0,065 dollars. There is plenty of room for growth here, that’s for sure. With a market cap that’s not higher than 2 million dollars, we’re up for at least an increase of 10 times whenever the market turns around and people start picking real projects instead of the hyped projects with no functioning product. 

3. CloakCoin (CLOAK)

Coming back to the real principles of cryptocurrency; a private and decentralized alternative to regular FIAT-currencies. Cloak is doing just that as they have been actively preaching their private and secure untraceable currency.  This project is battling with the more established projects out there such as Verge and Monero for the real road of being the most private currency out there. They are partnered up with a name we’ve heard before, Enigma, a project that has been contributing to multiple companies to boost their privacy levels. 

The price is currently sitting at $0,21 dollars per token, but the real value lies in the supply. There are not more than 5,5 million CLOAK coins currently in circulation with the market cap at a little more than 1 Million dollars. This means, with a slight increase in market cap, $1 per token is not that far off. Considering that there’s a big community behind Cloak, we could just see them pull a scenario like Verge did back in 2017.

2. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

This might be the project with the highest market cap in this list, but it could just be the project with the biggest value. Follow us on this, as it might be hard to grasp for some people. Hedera Hashgraph has been around for quite a long time now, but not until recently did they enter the free market by getting listed on all major exchanges. When that happened, many people expected the price to jump up all the way somewhere the moon is present.

For a project with partnerships with Boeing, IBM and German Telekom, it was not a weird thing to expect. What happened though, the price of the token plummeted when the token listed. The people that got into the seed round sold and took their profits, leaving the others in the dark with a token price that’s really low now. 

The catch here is, if you invest now you might just be at the right time. The company behind the token noticed the price going down and is now actively trying to stop this from happening. They are trying to change the vesting schedule to stop make sure fewer tokens come into circulation and are still actively marketing their product. Whenever we can see the market turn around and people start investing more radically, Hedera is the project that will surprise many people. It’s available on all major exchanges, has established partners and a strong product, that’s the recipe for success. 

1. Elrond (ERD)

Elrond’s aim is to become the backbone of a permissionless, borderless, globally accessible internet economy. That’s an ambitious statement but what they have been doing so far is impressive as well. With some innovative practices for introducing people how to run nodes, Battle of The Nodes, for example, they are down for some proper marketing efforts. The project achieves 10,000 transactions per second with 5 seconds latency and has fees that are so little, they are basically negligible. That’s real value right there, but where is the value for the investor?

The one thing that is the biggest advantage for Elrond is their established partnership with Binance. They had started off as one of the projects on the Binance Launchpad and by doing so they received a ton of attention. In general, all projects that are offered on the Binance Launchpad are quality projects that will show real value over time. Combining this with social mining, a practice where people get rewarded for showing marketing efforts for the project, the marketing for this project is done properly.

One concern could be the total supply that’s nowhere near to be reached, but the market cap does show some value here. The token initially caught some spikes but over time, it went down to proper levels to invest in now. For 2020, the project has tons of announcements to be made, so lots of spotlights to shine on the coin.

Always do your own research!
One thing should be clear – we can not give guarantees that these coins will perform good or amazing in 2020. Whenever someone promises you that a coin will moon, reach big levels or anything of that manner, that’s a lie. No one can predict the future, always do your own research and never listen to anyone’s advice without checking if the statements are true. Investing is not easy, it takes time and effort. Treat it like that then you could just see things turning your way. Don’t treat it easily, it’s not.

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