Opting For Komodo Wallet in 2020

Komodo wallet is a good purchase for 2020. Transaction fees are much lower than on other platforms, the level of security is significantly high and the future seems bright and open.

Opting For Komodo Wallet in 2020

What is Komodo token

The Komodo coin, which is designated as KMD, is an open and decentralized cryptocurrency. Komodo, created by the same team as BitcoinDark (BTCD), was launched in the third quarter of 2016. It can be converted to Qtum in an instant. The software itself is a fork of Zcash. In addition, Komodo runs on a platform called SuperNet. The open-source Komodo blockchain platform performs anonymous, private, and interchangeable transactions. These transactions receive additional security through a chain of bitcoins. Transactions are performed using the deferred health check protocol (dPoW).

Komodo Staking Wallet For Any Platform

The nomination of the title ‘best wallet for Komodo’ depends on which platform are you operating on. Still, we have a variant that will suit everyone.

Agama wallet is a good Komodo cryptocurrency wallet developed by SuperNet. This wallet is currently actively developing. In connection with the addition and testing of new functions, a number of problems may arise in the work. If you plan to make many transfers or keep large amounts of Komodo, it is better to use a Komodo CLI wallet. The developers warn: ‘Warning! Our wallet is in early beta! Please don’t use it as your primarily cryptocurrency wallet’

Agama has recently proven its ability to guarantee user’s security. To ensure the safety of the savings of its customers, the developer of the cryptocurrency wallet Agama Komodo resorted to a very unusual act. In order to protect users from hackers, Komodo itself hacked their wallets and transferred the cryptocurrency stored in them (8 million KMD and 96 bitcoins) to their own wallet. Komodo was not able to secure all compromised wallets, therefore, affected users are strongly recommended to transfer their money to other addresses. The Verus wallet version has not been compromised and is safe.

This  Komodo wallet is good both for ios and Android.

Komodo Ledger Wallet 

Ledger Nano S is the most secure Komodo wallet one could imagine.

A hardware wallet is a device that was created to provide an additional level of security when interacting with cryptocurrencies. Usually, you use your unique key to move funds, but the problem is that if your computer was hacked by malware or infected with a virus, these secret keys can be hijacked and used to steal currency. With a hardware wallet, private keys are stored on the device and never transferred to the computer, which means that even if malicious software gets on it, your private keys will remain safe. 

Opting For Komodo Wallet in 2020

With the help of Komodo wallet Ledger, you can ensure the complete reliability and security of your cryptocurrency. Even in the case of breaking into your address where your cryptocurrencies are stored, attackers will not be able to send them anywhere, since all transactions require confirmation on the Ledger Nano S.

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