Komodo Coin Price Prediction 2019

In this article, ChangeNOW will break down the basics of Komodo coin cryptocurrency and make a prediction on the KMD future price. We base our opinion on the current market chart analysis, opinions of cryptocurrency influencers and our own analytical projections, forming a Komodo coin price prediction as a result.

What is Komodo?

Komodo is one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies on the list if sorted by market cap. Komodo is an open-source blockchain platform that uses KMD coin for making transparent and, most importantly, private transactions. The aim of the platform is to make a fast, safe and decentralized crypto. The security of the blockchain is ensured by using the Delayed Proof of Work (implemented on the Bitcoin blockchain). There is a lot to say about Komodo developing team and the amazing projects they have started, but in this article, we will focus solemnly on KMD cryptocurrency and its future projections.

Komodo coin price prediction 2018 and its result

2018 began for Komodo (KMD) very optimistically, as for most other cryptocurrencies. On January 1, the cryptocurrency met with an upward trend, reaching the level of 9.86 dollars. The slight increase in KMD coin price continued until it reached $10.45 on January 3.

Next, Komodo chart began to show the real “roller coaster”, actively moving up and down. By January 6, the trend showed a decline to $8.46, then, pushing off from the bottom, to break through to the highest rates for the entire 2018 year. Already on January 8, KMD set a price record, which amounted to 11.46 dollars. It was the top, after which the gradual fall of Komodo cryptocurrency began.

Komodo’s path down since the first month of 2018 has also been undulating. Already on 12 January, the price of the cryptocurrency tumbled to $7.63, to re-start the upward movement. The KMD coin anaged to win back a significant part of the cost and break the mark of $ 9 to January 14. This was followed by a new, even more serious failure, during which Komodo coin fell to $5.68 in 2018.

Only three days, from 18 to 21 January, were enough for the Komodo dragon coin to make another sharp breakthrough. The crypto-coin added almost 40% to the cost, breaking the mark of $ 8. The last week of January brought another price decline and subsequent stabilization. The cryptocurrency fell to $6.50, and gradually grew, reaching a price of $7.24. However, February brought another serious drop in the price, and on February 3, KMD was trading at $ 4.43. By February 6, the coin had dropped to $3.28.

The last major increase in the cost of KMD occurred from 14 to 17 February in 2018. The cryptocurrency rose to $ 5.72, but did not gain a foothold, and over the next week it fell to $3.70. After that, Komodo only once exceeded the mark of $ 4. This happened on May 5, when the rate rose to $4.39. Then the price moved only down, according to the Komodo coin history.

On May 23, KMD fell below $ 3, falling to $ 2.8. On June 16, the cryptocurrency was trading below $2, and by September 18 it fell below $1 for the first time, although it won back part of the cost soon. The final failure below $1 happened on November 15, after this date, the cryptocurrency did not rise to this level. On December 31, 2018, the cost of the coin was $0.81.

Komodo coin price prediction 2019

Cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile space, so making cryptocurrency price predictions is generally a challenging task. However, ChangeNOW made short-term and long-term Komodo coin price projections, basing our opinion on the current market state, KMD price charts and already-existing Komodo (KMD) price predictions for 2019. The Komodo coin price chart is provided below.

The beginning of 2018 was marked with a peak in Komodo coin value – if you take a close look at the chart, you will see that the crypto-coin price was well above 9 US Dollars. The peak was followed by a gradual decline in Komodo coin value and a period of stability. When it comes to the end of 2018, the experts state that the mark of $2.62 is possible for KMD.

Generally, the prognosis for Komodo coin future price is quite positive. As the KMD price chart analysis shows, the coin is going to experience steady growth during the course of 2019. Sure, we cannot talk about “to the moon” situation in here, but KMD is definitely showing the potential to be quite stable. Komodo started with very high expectations about this project. No joke, the technology Komodo team uses can be named nothing but innovative. However, as we can see now, the cutting edge technology is not necessarily the rocket factor for cryptocurrency tokens.

There is another type of Komodo prognosis circling in the cryptocurrency media. This version can be called plainly bad. Wallet Investor considers Komodo a high-risk investment in the next year to come. According to their chart, KMD price can fall as low as 0.000001 USD.

Well, we would not quite like that to happen, will we?
As you can see now, in both versions of the same Komodo coin price prediction, the answer to your “is Komodo coin a good investment?” would be “no”.

Komodo 2020 price prediction according to different metrics

Few analysts undertake to predict the Komodo coin future. However, it is worth noting that this cryptocurrency is highly dependent on the rate of leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. If these coins will grow, respectively, Komodo 2020 price will also rise up. Experts predict a good future for top coins by 2020, so we can make a preliminary conclusion that this cryptocurrency also expects a certain growth.

However, Komodo has a long way to go in order to achieve good results. First of all, the cryptocurrency should be adapted for payments in real life, not only in the network.

A metric for the growth of demand for mobile phones

The first forecast given by experts for Komodo is the demand similar to the demand for mobile phones. The development of smartphones was very measured and gradual, thus avoiding a sharp increase in prices and making them available to all. This path is optimal for KMD. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency is very far from the positions of ETH, LTC or XMR, so a gradual rise in price for it is a better way.

If demand for KMD develops as it did for mobile phones, forecasts for 2020 predict a price of $ 2.88. Further forecast of the course is as follows:

  • 2021 г. – $3.6;
  • 2022 г. – $5.76;
  • 2023 г. – $8.64;
  • 2024 г. – $11.51.

Google’s average growth path metric

Google has not immediately become a giant in the market, and for a long time it has been losing to competitors. Approximately the same situation is observed with KMD. Developers have to go a long way to ensure that their project still finds its client and became successful in the market. Smooth, dynamic development can lead to the fact that the cost of Komodo will grow steadily. Perhaps even faster than according to the metric of mobile phones.

According to Google’s average growth path metric, the price of KMD will be $3.25 by 2020. As for the future prospects of the crypto coin, they are as follows:

  • 2021 г. – $4.58;
  • 2022 г. – $7.52;
  • 2023 г. – $12.31;
  • 2024 г. – $19.77.

Metrics on the average growth path of Internet technology

Internet technology was originally developed as a means of communication for the military. However, over time, it moved into the civil sector, which made a splash. Komodo can also go this way, but it is necessary to get out of this very Internet and gradually begin to integrate into the masses. Residents of different countries should appreciate the advantages of KMD: anonymity and security of transactions, fast speed of money transfers and Komodo coin exchanges, ease of use, etc.

If we consider the rise in the cost of Komodo through the prism of metrics on the average path of development of the Internet, by 2020, the cost of the crypto-coin will be $5.88. Further development of KMD should take place as follows:

  • 2021 г. – $9.91;
  • 2022 г. – $14.43;
  • 2023 г. – $20.51;
  • 2024 г. – $23.73.

Moore’s Law metric

Gordon Moore formed his rule for central processing units, which later allowed to make a revolution in their production. Now his model is partly applied in economics, including in digital. The bottom line is that each year the value of the asset should double. Is it real for Komodo? Sure.

According to Komodo review, KMD has a number of competitive advantages that distinguish it from other cryptocurrencies. Another thing is that this will require a very intensive development and the project team will have to make a huge amount of effort. At the same time, forecasts regarding Bitcoin and other large cryptocurrencies should come true. With a favorable combination of factors, it is quite possible for Komodo to double the price every year.

If we take as a basis the KMD cost growth metric under Moore’s law, by 2020 its rate will be $5.76. Until 2024, the forecast is as follows:

  • 2021 г. – $11.51;
  • 2022 г. – $23.03;
  • 2023 г. – $46.05;
  • 2024 г. – $92.10.

Metric on Facebook’s average growth path

Facebook once blew up the Internet, offering a new, more convenient way to communicate and express thoughts. It was a revolutionary development, so the company’s shares grew at an unprecedented rate. The same scenario can be repeated by Komodo, but it is almost impossible. In order to achieve such success, it is necessary not only to develop the infrastructure, but also to offer innovations that will make the coin more convenient for users than BTC and ETH.

If we consider the cost according to the metric of the average growth path of Facebook, by 2020 the cryptocurrency will cost $15.7, which will make it one of the most developing in the crypto world. Further forecast is as follows:

  • 2021 г. – $39.25;
  • 2022 г. – $91.58;
  • 2023 г. – $159.35;
  • 2024 г. – $221.10.

Forecast for further  KMD rate rise is favorable, according to Komodo coin news. But whether it will be independent or Komodo will remain tied to the main world cryptocurrencies, it depends on the readiness of the project team to work and develop the project.

ChangeNOW hopes that implementation of new technologies along with some good work from the developing team will help the coin to not only remain afloat but also prosper.

Komodo’s definite strength is in the community. Projections are projections, but look at this Tweet: