Holo Wallet 2020

The Holochain tokens have huge growth potential but how to store them, which Holo wallet is the best? We’ll try to answer this question.

Holochain is an advanced network, alternative to all existing blockchains. Based on the idea of blockchain technology, but taking it further, Holo doesn’t require all nodes to be synchronized to be fully functional. Every user keeps his/her own chain on the device, and stores only that information, that’s important to him/her. This approach is similar to p2p clients, such as BitTorent, and it allows the network to be truly decentralized. What about its tokens? The tokens of Holochain have huge growth potential, so it might be wise to buy some and hold for a few years. But you may still have one question: how to store them, which holo wallet is the best? Here we’ll try to answer this question.

Holo mobile wallet

The most convenient way to store, send and use Holo tokens is the mobile wallet. There’s a lot of mobile crypto wallets to choose from nowadays, but we personally recommend Guarda. Guarda supports both iOS and Android and can be used as holo and neo wallet, as well as the storage for dozens of other coins. If you receive holo airdrops, you’ll instantly see them in the wallet. Overall, Guarda is a balanced holo wallet for iOS and Android. 

Holo web wallets

Another way to access your coins is a web wallet. One of the best holo hot coin wallets for web browsers is Jaxx, available as the Chrome extension. It’s easy to install it, just a few clicks and you can do anything you need - receive holo airdrops, check your balance and send tokens to other addresses. Some people search for a holo staking wallet - but there’s no staking on Holochain. If you search for a coin with staking, you’d better try neon wallet for neo, which supports staking and allows you to receive some passive income. 

Holo hardware wallets

The last type of holo coin wallet is a hardware wallet. The most popular wallet with fairly high security is the holo Ledger wallet. There are two models, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X, both of them support Holochain tokens. Nano X is more expensive, it costs around $200, but it’s also the more advanced ones. Nano S is the basic wallet, it costs around $100, but anyway, it’s still good for anything a demanding and cautious investor would need. 

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