BitTorrent Coin Wallet 2020

Bittorent coin is this years’ development based on the Bittorent network technology, owned by Jason Sun and other renowned investors. BitTorrent token (BTT) wallet is the necessary acquisition for every person who wants to follow blockchain trends and earn on it. There is a variety of BitTorrent wallets, and ChangeNOW has prepared for you a reliable guide! 

How to create a BitTorrent Wallet

If googling ‘best Bittorrent Reddit’ proved unfruitful to you, we are here to help.

The thing is that BitTorrent has released an updated version of the uTorrent client with the integrated BitTorrent Speed ​​system. Anyone who installs the update will receive 10 BTT (BitTorrent Tokens). It is alleged that the protocol used will speed up data loading - in order to earn tokens, “siders” will stay in touch longer, and those who want to speed up the download will be able to pay for this to “siders”.

New features are integrated into the uTorrent version for Windows version 3.5.5 (build 45287). The interface remained virtually unchanged, but a button was added to activate BitTorrent Speed. When it is pressed, a panel opens with a balance and related information. They also offer to create a wallet for BTT.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

BitTorrent Airdrop for TRON (TRX) Holders

For those who have already bought TRON token, we would recommend paying special attention. For token holders on TRON society wallet can offer an Airdrop.  

BitTorrent Foundation has started its first airdrop of 10,890,000,000 BitTorrent (BTT) in February, relating to 1.1% of all-out circling supply.

Also, in order to remunerate TRON’s longterm TRX holders, the Foundation airdropped an extra 99,990,000,000 BTT, relating to 10.1% of all-out circling supply.

To qualify for the Airdrop one needs to have some amount of officially approved TRON (TRX) tokens.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

How to Manage your BTT Wallet

There are several free Bittorrent wallet options available to download.

If you want to use the BitTorrent wallet on Mac, we would recommend Coinomi. It allows to securely store, send, receive and exchange. This BitTorrent desktop wallet is to download for different platforms: Android, iOs, Windows, Linux and, of course, MacOS.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

BitTorrent on Mobile Wallet

Another BTT multiplatform wallet which we would particularly recommend for the mobile use is the most recent Guarda wallet.

It has been voted as the best BitTorrent wallet for Android and Iphone.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

Guarda Wallet is a free, convenient, reliable and safe service that supports many popular cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BCH, BTC, QTUM, ETC, CLO and many others, as well as ERC20 tokens. Relatively fresh, it was created in 2017 by a company from the United States. Guarda collaborates with many well-known funds, for example Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash and so on. The site has a Support Center, with which you can find the answer to any question: from the most primitive, for example: “How to create a wallet?” To more advanced ones, such as: “What if I forget my password?” Or “How to import your private keys? ” A simple but pleasant interface does not make it difficult to use, but, on the contrary, makes it easy and comfortable. 

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Hard Options for BTT

If for the sake of your security you are ready to buy a Bittorrent wallet, there are hard opportunities for you.

Ledger wallet supports BitTorrent. In order to start using the wallet after the purchase, one needs to go to the Ledgerwallet website and download the Ledger Manager application. We install applications on the device to access the necessary cryptocurrencies. By default, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the FIDO U2F application are already installed.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

Another possibility is BitTorrent paper wallet. The principle is that one creates a document that contains a copy of the private and public keys. Often a document has the form of a QR code, so you can quickly scan it and make a transfer of funds.

There are several sites offering paper Bittorrent wallets. They generate Bittorrent addresses and create images containing two QR codes: one public address that you can use to receive Bittorrent; another private key that you need to use to send Bittorrent. The best one is Wallet Generator.

Bittorrent Coin Wallet 2020

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