Gas price prediction 2019: Will It Touch $100?

It is important to know that the NEO blockchain is the first crypto startup in the PRC to use the principles of open source. Similar to the Ethereum platform, NEO provides the opportunity to use smart contracts to conduct transactions within the system. Experts consider it one of the most secure and reliable digital platforms in the world. That’s why many people are interested in GAS price and GAS price predictions.

GAS cryptocurrency is one of the tokens used within the NEO blockchain platform. The coin is accepted as payment for goods and services within the framework of this system and its subsidiaries. GAS tokens are distributed among all holders of NEO coins.

After finding new blocks the reward is distributed among the miners and coin holders. Consequently, the generation rate will be tied to the timing of the mining. In essence, GAs is a dividend for cryptocurrency investors. the nice thing is they can use at their discretion. The can sell it or trade.

What is Gas?

Gas is an auxiliary currency of the NEO platform. It is focused on serving as a form of dividends and fees. GAS cryptocurrency is a NEO token and is designed as auxiliary digital money within the framework of this platform. Each of the two coins has its own purpose. They are focused on providing access to project functionality.

The NEO project is often called the Chinese equivalent of Ethereum. The platform offers the functionality of smart contracts designed to develop your own projects and conduct an ICO. These technologies, according to developers and many analysts, will become an important tool for business development. The development of such technologies has significant prospects for science, blockchain development in general and business.

Within the project, two cryptocurrencies are functioning, namely, NEO and Gas. Both of them are designed for internal circulation and are not positioned as a universal means of payment.

They both are accrued under the protocol Proof-of-Stake. They have the same limit of 100 million, but serve different purposes. Nevertheless, GAS coin price is somewhat higher than a usual price for native tokens.

NEO is designed for investors and partners. On top of that, the holders of this crypto have the opportunity to participate in voting. Voting is held on internal projects and the future development of the NEO platform.

The peculiarity of these digital money lies in its indivisibility. They exist as whole coins and are not subject to fragmentation.

GAS token was created for the calculation of dividends and fees. Each coin, by analogy with Bitcoin, can be divided, the smallest unit of measure is 0.00000001. The token is easily converted with both NEO and other digital money.

GAS Coin Price Prediction 2019

The NEO platform is rapidly developing within the framework of the massive functionality. It makes investments in the project profitable both on a long-term and a short-term basis. GAS price prediction is an important topic for every person in the NEO community.

The Chinese government’s ban on the circulation of crypto in the country reduced the cost of digital money only for a short period of time. Now, both NEO and GAS are thriving.

GAS currency appeared later than NEO coin. However, they both show a similar upward trend. It creates all the conditions for profitable investment. Analysts, however, pay attention to the limited use of this currency.

It implies that only access to the blockchain and accrual of payments will grant someone GAS coins.

This restriction makes GAS currency important and useful only for investors and traders. Also, it may come in handy for developers who actively use the NEO platform to create their own projects. Analysts are still not sure whether to expect the expanding of the use of these coins in the near future.

Also, experts point out the similarities between the two cryptocurrencies. Their stock chart has great similarity. that indicates the dependence on the development of the project itself. In such a context, investing in Gas becomes a dubious contribution to some people.

The prospect of investing in NEO looks more attractive. You will gain access to management and receive dividends in tokens using the PoS protocol. Well, that is definitely one option for the GAS coin future.

The advantage of investing in GAS is the lower price of this coin. It allows you to purchase more coins for the same amount of money. That is, the token, under the same conditions, offers larger volumes of investments by coins. But the percentage of profit will differ slightly.

There are no signs that in the future Gas will trade more expensively than NEO.  Such a scenario is possible only with the expansion of the token’s functionality. So, do not trust those GAS coin price predictions that promise a growth that is more than that of the NEO coin.

Surprisingly enough, GAS coin price prediction 2019 were more positive than the predictions for the NEO coin. However, they were not fulfilled.

GAS Coin Price Prediction 2020

In terms of security and legality, the NEO developers also have got everything covered. They are working hard to meet the requirements of the Chinese government. To say the least, there were no problems with the introduction of their technology in the business. Amazing as it is, the activity of NEO is legal.

Most recently, the NEO project started cooperating with the company that is a Chinese platform for startups. If their collaboration proves to be fruitful many new Chinese companies will work on the NEO blockchain. It will inevitably increase the demand for NEO and, consequently, GAS. Future GAS prices prediction is heavily based on the development of the NEO platform.

The growth rate of the two twin tokens is interdependent. Therefore, it is necessary to track the cost of the main one (NEO) on the major exchanges. On the official website, the actual charge rate is somewhat overestimated.

In reality, the generation is a little slower. Future GAS prices predictions are based on the real NEO price, so no need to worry about it.

Gas Price Predictions Next 5 Years

Thanks to the revolutionary technologies underlying the NEO platform, the coin will continue to gain momentum at a record pace. GAS price predictions (next 5 years) are some of the most positive out there.

The NEO ecosystem has great potential for becoming a large public infrastructure. The Chinese government is also interested in this. If official crypto for the government is created it will be NEO to lead the project.

Due to some more optimistic forecasts, NEO is one of the most worthy coins for investments. Thanks to investments by the Chinese government and other enterprises, its price can rise up to $200 or even $300 per token in the next couple of years. GAS crypto price prediction has a similar vibe. As per the analysis of many experts, the GAS price will reach the $88 mark in 2025.

*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. The information presented in this article should not be considered as any sort of investing advice and the reader should do their own research before taking any actions.