Earn Free Bitcoins with ChangeNOW!

ChangeNOW is a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange. We work hard to implement all the novelties, support new coins, offer the best rates for our clients and so on… But there is some more. You can actually partner with us and start making money together! ChangeNOW offers an affiliate program that you can participate in right now (and earn free Bitcoins).

What is an affiliate program?

If the term itself is new for you, let us explain what is an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a kind of cooperation between a taken company and its partners. In this case, the partners sell the company’s services and get paid a fee as a return for their work. The profit, however, is mutual – the company gets the needed publicity and increases their profit while the partner gets a percentage of the turnover. Easy, everybody is happy.

ChangeNOW affiliate program

Our exchange offers several types of cooperation.

First of all, it is the API

ChangeNOW API can be integrated into our partner’s services (especially cryptocurrency-related, for sure). API integration is generally a convenient way to not only earn some cash perks, but also increase the opportunities for your own service. Do not worry about the whole integration process – it is not as scary as it sounds and our support team will always be there to help you! Our API has all the detailed technical information you will need as a developer. This affiliate runs on HTTPS protocol, providing a number of methods for queries to be played and responses to be returned for each operation. Please, send all your possible questions about our API to us via api@changenow.io email. Getting our API integrated with your service grants you 0.4% of our total turnover.

This is possibly the easiest way to earn free Bitcoins from our cryptocurrency exchange affiliate program. All you need to do is to leave referral links on any social networks or Internet forums (sending them to your friends and relatives works just fine, too). If the people you are sending the links to are interested in exchanging their crypto, you get your BTC bonus! To get a referral link, you will need to register an account on ChangeNOW. Click on “Profile” on our website and generate a link. Also you can create any number of links you want and measure their effectiveness!

Last but not least, we offer ChangeNOW widgets and buttons

Our team of designers created neat widgets and buttons to add to your website. Just register and select a button you like the most in our referral program. Your account will provide you with all the necessary statistics on charges from each type of ChangeNOW collaboration, enabling you to earn free Bitcoins in the process.

So, how do I earn free Bitcoins?

You will be able to withdraw your funds once the minimum amount of 0.1 BTC gets accumulated. To withdraw your passive income, go to the Profile section and enter your BTC payout address. That’s it! We promised you that being able to earn free Bitcoins with ChangeNOW affiliate program is easy – now you can really see it is! changenow affiliate

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