NOW Tokens: Here's What You Need To Know

This is a short overview of the NOW token, the ERC-20 token launched by ChangeNOW, a leading limitless instant cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What Are NOW Tokens?

NOW Tokens are the tokens launched in 2018 by ChangeNOW, a modern cryptocurrency exchange platform, one of the leading ones in the blockchain field. The tokens are used as the internal currency, providing their users with extra privileges and possibilities within the ChangeNOW platform. In this article, we will be talking about the features of NOW Tokens and the numerous ways to use them.

The History Of NOW Tokens

NOW Tokens have a short, yet eventful history: after the initial launch on Ethereum blockchain, ChangeNOW started the airdrop of the tokens on May 28, 2018, distributing 60 000 000 coins among exchange users and affiliate partners, and having paid out the Gradual Airdrop tokens by December 9, 2018, for the latter, and by August 26, 2019, for the former. In April 2019, half of the token emission was burnt on the Ethereum blockchain, only to be released on the Binance Mainnet, thus allowing NOW Tokens to exist on two blockchains simultaneously. On 25 April 2019, NOW got listed on IDEX and became available for trading, and on April 30th, it got listed on Binance DEX.

Perks Of NOW Tokens

Like we mentioned above, not only does using NOW Tokens as ChangeNOW’s internal currency facilitates the use of the platform, but it also unlocks some special benefits for the user. For example, upon using NOW Tokens, you get special rates for all exchanges in any amounts. Moreover, the affiliate conditions (that is, the revenue shares and the payout) are also much more favorable for NOW users. The user support is accelerated, and there are many more perks for the users of NOW Tokens.

NOW Tokens Emission

NOW coin exists on two blockchains: Ethereum and Binance Chain. The swaps are available on the ChangeNOW platform. As of now (late October 2019) the price of NOW Token is $0.005,  the 24h % change is 12.436 and the weekly % change is 10.366. The total supply is 199 909 833.866 NOW, with the circulating supply being 65 325 769.366 NOW, and 120 000 000 NOW being in lockup for 0.5+ years.

NOW Tokens Features

The ChangeNOW developers consider decreasing the total amount of coins to 50% in three years, regularly destroying all NOW Tokens used on the platform’s services. The NOW Token burn occurs quarterly, with each token burnt on each corresponding network and each burn announced on the official website. The amount of NOW Tokens the developers are heading for is 100 000 000.

Acquiring NOW Tokens

Since the Airdrop for the active ChangeNOW users is now over, the only way to acquire NOW coins is to purchase them on a trading platform. ChangeNOW experts are expecting NOW Token to go high in value over the course of the next years, which is why it would be wise to buy them now.

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