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Profit with cashback

Even more convenient and profitable exchanges. Get cashback from every transaction you perform. You can either spend it, withdraw it or save it up!

Keep track of your past exchanges by checking your account’s transaction history. Accessible and simple.

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Earn interest with unlimited crypto loans

Get an instant crypto loan to make maximum profit with your assets.

  • Unlimited loan terms
  • No monthly interest payments
  • Funds protection
  • Fixed LTV and APR
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Trade like a Whale 🐳Coming Soon 🔥

Trading fees < 0.10%
We charge only the essential fees that are lower than 0.10% while you trade so you can earn money without having to spend it all on transaction fees.
Privacy and security
We are doing everything to protect your funds and make you feel secure. For withdrawals, up to 2 BTC, no KYC is required and for registered users, 2FA is available to ensure the safety of your assets.
Top trading tools
Features like market and limit trading options, history of trades on all of your devices, simple broker balance top-up, and much more, are all inside your account.
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