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Building Trust Brick by Brick: NOW Solutions and Boba Network Create a Fortress of Crypto Security

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, security remains a paramount concern for users and developers alike. NOW Solutions and Boba Network, two trusted leaders in the crypto industry, are diligently working to build a robust framework of security measures to safeguard your investments and foster trust in the digital realm.

Before we delve into the security measures implemented by NOW Solutions and Boba Network, let's take a moment to understand what Boba Network is all about.

Boba Network: A Brief Overview

Boba Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution that aims to enhance the capabilities of existing blockchain networks. By offering developers a scalable, high-throughput, and fast finality environment, Boba Network has become an attractive platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

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Security Measures on the Boba Network

Boba Network employs various security measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of its operations.

One fundamental aspect is its utilization of an Optimistic rollup mechanism, which enables efficient data transfer between Layer 2 (L2) and Ethereum. With Optimistic rollups, no computation takes place on-chain. Instead, the network assumes the validity of all state changes and posts off-chain transactions to Ethereum's layer 1 as calldata. To facilitate this process, the network relies on a sequencer, responsible for ordering and bundling transactions into batches on L2 before submitting them as a single transaction to Ethereum. Currently, the sequencer is operated by Boba Network, but future governance mechanisms will govern its operation.

To address the potential risks associated with fraudulent transactions, the Boba Network has implemented a challenge/dispute period that lasts approximately one week after the posting of transactions to L1. During this time, third parties have the opportunity to publish fraud proofs to validate the transactions across L1 and L2. If any invalid transactions are identified, the network reverts them along with all affected transactions. However, it is important to note that fraud proofs are not yet enabled as the network is still under development.

In addition to its security measures, the Boba Network has introduced the Hybrid Compute feature, offering enhanced functionalities and interaction with non-distributed computer systems (Web2 systems). This capability serves as a bridge between the network's sequencer and external sources' APIs, enabling Boba Network smart contracts to communicate and interact seamlessly with existing Web2 systems.

With its commitment to security, fast withdrawals, and unique features like Hybrid Compute, the Boba Network is shaping a robust and efficient ecosystem that offers users a reliable and optimized blockchain experience. By implementing innovative security measures and continuously enhancing its capabilities, the Boba Network aims to foster trust and provide a secure foundation for its users to interact and transact seamlessly within the network.

BOBA Token Supported by NOW Solutions

As a strong advocate for secure and reliable projects, NOW Solutions has extended its support to the BOBA token, the native cryptocurrency of the Boba Network. NOW Solutions recognizes the potential of BOBA in revolutionizing cross-chain liquidity and fostering seamless transactions across various blockchain networks. By backing the BOBA token, ChangeNOW, NOWPayments, and NOW Wallet reinforces its commitment to promoting trustworthy and innovative crypto projects.

ChangeNOW: Reinforcing Crypto Security with AML-beta

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to seamlessly swap between cryptocurrencies without needing an account. As a non-custodial service, ChangeNOW does not hold users' funds, ensuring that their assets remain under their control at all times.

To further strengthen its security measures, ChangeNOW recently introduced the AML-Beta feature. This cutting-edge anti-money laundering (AML) solution identifies and prevents suspicious transactions on the platform. By actively monitoring and flagging potentially risky transactions, ChangeNOW ensures that its platform remains compliant with global AML regulations and provides a secure trading environment for its users.

NOW Solutions: Security and Convenience Combined

The NOW family of products, which includes the NOW Wallet and NOWPayments, is designed to offer users a seamless and secure crypto experience. Both the wallet and payment gateway incorporates state-of-the-art security features to protect users' assets and ensure smooth transactions.

NOW Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-currency wallet that allows users to store, manage, and swap their cryptocurrencies securely. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security features, the NOW Wallet provides a safe and convenient way for users to manage their digital assets.

NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to accept crypto with ease. Boasting a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and fiat conversion options, NOWPayments ensures that merchants can securely accept crypto payments without exposing themselves to market volatility or security risks.

Start Your Journey with ChangeNOW and Boba Network Today

As you navigate the dynamic world of digital assets, trust the fortress of security built by NOW Solutions and Boba Network. Experience secure transactions, seamless cross-chain liquidity, and unrivaled protection for your crypto investments. Exchange or buy BOBA on ChangeNOW today and be part of a secure crypto future.

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