Earn Crypto and Get Free Promotion with ChangeNOW & AdEx!

Hey, friend! Here’s an opportunity for you to earn and to get a 50 DAI advertising budget for free!

  • If you own a crypto project, install ChangeNOW Partnership Program tools on your website and raise money from each transaction that they make,
  • First 5 crypto projects who install our tools and get at least one transaction will get 50 DAI for promotion on AdEx Platform.

Why should I participate?

  • This is an effortless way to convert your traffic into extra profit,
  • This is an opportunity to get free promotion for your project on one of the top crypto ad platforms,
  • ChangeNOW will promote you on our Twitter as well!

Cool! What should I do?

  • Engage with ChangeNOW Partnership Program in one or several of these ways:
  • Make sure at least one exchange was made using the tool you installed,
  • Register on AdEx,
  • Fill in the form. We’ll contact you. If you are among the first 5 projects, you will get the prize!

What is AdEx?

AdEx is an open-source, transparent, and fraud-proof alternative to traditional ad networks. It makes real-time tracking and reporting directly accessible to each advertiser, thus dropping the need for most intermediaries. Over 560 publishers are available and 50+ million impressions are generated here monthly. No wrong data, fake traffic, and unnecessary fees anymore! Learn more about AdEx here.

What is ChangeNOW Partnership Program?

It’s a way for you to earn more money by integrating ChangeNOW tools to your website, service, or social media. Here’s what we offer:

Widgets & Buttons

ChangeNOW has a set of various widgets and buttons that can be customized and easily integrated into any website. The project which integrates the widget/button can earn a share of fees from every exchange made using the widget. Learn more!

Referral Program

Are you a blogger or crypto enthusiast? We are looking for your success stories. If you are out there ready to write a post about ChangeNOW or a story of how ChangeNOW helped you in real life – just sign up, create a link, share it with your audience – and get monthly payouts in Bitcoins!

Development API

API is an effective, convenient, and customizable solution for any crypto business out there. You only have to integrate it and immediately start making money — as simple as that. With our API, you can integrate a crypto exchange system anywhere you want, be it your app or your website — 100% hassle-free. ChangeNOW’s API is built for developers and comes with a comprehensive installation manual. Register here!

ChangeNOW Affiliate Pack (White Label Exchange)

ChangeNOW’s Affiliate Pack is designed for those who have always wanted to create, operate and profit from their own cryptocurrency exchange service but didn’t want to bother with development. It’s the option for you! After installing the WordPress plugin, you have a fully functioning website that supports standard and fixed exchange flows. All the needed documentation and installation tutorials are available on the Affiliate Pack page.

That’s it! To find all the details and precise instructions, please follow the links above.

Contact us

Thank you guys, and hope to have a nice cooperation with you! For any questions, contact our Marketing Manager Theodore: [email protected].

Good luck!