Bitcoin Wallets

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Nowadays it's hard to choose between all Bitcoin wallets, because there are so many of them, with their own features, and it's not obvious what features are necessary for everyday use. Should it be a Bitcoin hardware wallet or Bitcoin wallet app – it depends on your preferences. Of course, you'll need it to be able to check Bitcoin wallet balance, but all the other things are optional, and the best Bitcoin wallet is simply the wallet that suits you the most. Here we'll see what kinds of wallets you can find on the market and we'll help you decide on them.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

These wallets are the most secure. They don't expose your private keys to the internet, always keeping them inside, and signing all transactions offline. One of the best Bitcoin hard wallets is Bitcoin Ledger Nano S wallet - a very popular device. As an alternative to Ledger wallet, you can check Trezor, another hardware device. However, they cost over $100, so it might be expensive for some people. At the same time, if you have a lot of crypto, paying for your safety to buy Bitcoin wallet may seem like a normal tradeoff. If you have a small capital and you want to stick with a free Bitcoin wallet, you can try a desktop wallet.

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Bitcoin Desktop Wallets

If you're looking for Bitcoin wallet for Mac or Windows, you can type “bitcoin desktop wallet download” in Google, and you'll get many results. Probably, one of them will be Electrum, a very popular desktop wallet suitable for any Bitcoin investor. You can stick with it, it’s a simple Bitcoin GUI wallet, that has been around for many years, and you won’t need any other. To download a Bitcoin wallet, you have to go to its main page, click “download”, and then install it to your computer. But if you want to use it from a mobile phone, you have to choose something else. 

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Bitcoin Mobile Wallets

One of the best Bitcoin coin mobile wallets is Jaxx. It’s a multiplatform wallet, available for any operational systems. It will serve you well if you need a Bitcoin wallet for iPhone, and also it’s definitely the best Bitcoin wallet for Android. It also supports ETH and ERC20 tokens. Also, as an alternative, Samsung wallet case now supports Bitcoin cold storage. A Bitcoin wallet app can be useful for those who don’t have a desktop computer but still don't trust web interfaces for storing and sending crypto. 

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What Should Choose?

As we have said previously, it's more about convenience. Choose what you like. 

If you know how to create a bitcoin wallet, you'll have no problem understanding the differences between them, and choosing the most appropriate Bitcoin staking wallet. If you still need more information, you can read the best Bitcoin Reddit. And of course, If you plan to buy Bitcoin, you can use our BTC exchange

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