Top 10 Wildest Bitcoin Predictions

From John McAfee to Bill Gates, there are many bald predictions that are made about the Bitcoin Price (USD value). The fact that it’s a topic of discussion is no surprise. The invention of the first major digital currency has brought many people extreme wealth, while at the other hand many have lost fortunes. Where many experts are expressing their extreme trust in the long term value of Bitcoin. We have lined up a top 10 of the baldest predictions made by the experts about this topic. Many interesting statements are being made and many people are basing their predictions on different factors, the most dominant one being a gut feeling and trust disguised in indicators and complex theories. Who their experts are and what they are saying, you can read it below!

10. Bill Gates$0.00 dollars

Let’s start off with one of the wealthiest people on earth, Bill Gates. As the founder of Microsoft, Gates has earned his stripes in the tech industry and later spending his money wisely on charity and whatnot. One thing he will not be spending his money on is Bitcoin. Calling the coin he received as a birthday present years ago a ‘greater fools’ theory’ investment that he would short ‘if there was an easy way of doing so’. 

9. Kenneth Rogoff$100 dollars

One of the professors of Harvard University, also known as Chess Grandmaster, Rogoff, is calling for the Bitcoin price to hit $100 dollars in around 10 years. He’s throwing it on the limited use cases it currently has, which in his opinion are just money laundering and tax evasion. Take these two away and you’ll have a $100 dollar bitcoin in 2028.

8. Thomas Lee$25.000 dollars

Over to the more bullish side of the predictions, which are of course more shared than the bearish predictions. As the founder of Fundstrat, an American investment and research fund, Lee is known for making many predictions. Where others base it solely on their gut feeling, the technical analysis or other indicators, Lee is calling for the increasing mining costs to eventually drive up the price. Lee is an active predictor as, calling for the altseason to be around the corner and Bitcoin likely to see $25,000 dollars by the end of the year.

7. David Drake$30.000

As the founder of LDJ Capital, Drake is calling for a price of bitcoin in 2019 of 30.000 dollars. What it takes is simply the fact that the total supply is limited, the Bitcoin halving being around the corner and the ask will increase in comparison to the decreasing supply. One thing to take into consideration is that unlike many others, Drake is calling for many other cryptocurrencies (read Alts) will play an important factor in the financial system of the future.

6. Vinny Lingham$100.000 dollars 

One of the few people that is aiming for Bitcoin to become boring and stable, is Lingham, one of the founders of Civic and a member of the Bitcoin Foundation. He has been predicting Bitcoin (and thereby the entire cryptocurrency market) to go through many more bubble-cycles that will eventually boost up the price to higher highs. He is even stating that we are currently at a 2.5% chance that we’ll end up with Bitcoin to be worth 100k or a .25% chance that Bitcoin will be worth one million dollars a coin. That being said, he has not given any timeframe to back up his predictions.

5. Max Kreiser$100.000 dollars

The price is rapidly increasing in USD value with each prediction. As several factors have passed, Kreiser is calling for the next spike in the price of Bitcoin to be crisis-based. Basically meaning that another financial crisis needs to happen that will spark the price of one Bitcoin to explode, all the way up to 100,000 dollars. He even states that even at that price, not a lot of Bitcoins will be available for sale.

4. Trace Mayer$115.000 dollars

This man is well known for prediction the BTC price to reach big levels. Where he has first publicly announced to his audience to buy Bitcoin around $0.25 dollars, he has been riding every bear and every bull cycle ever since. This has earned him his stripes in the industry, which can be heard in his Podcast, the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast. Now, after several predictions, Trace Mayer is now calling for Bitcoin to reach $115.000 based on some technical indicators.

3. Tim Draper$250.000 dollars

Known for taking risks and known for being right with the risks he takes, Draper is actively spreading the word to acquire as much BTC as possible. Whenever the price dips, make sure you get in is what he’s telling his audience, as ‘this is going to be really big’. Where he previously made other claims and called different numbers, Draper is now saying 2022 will see Bitcoin at the 250k level.

2. Cameron Winklevoss$320.000 dollars

As one of the Winklevoss twins, Cameron is actively spreading the manifest of Bitcoin and preaching what he has been living and breathing for the past years. After acquiring 1 million Bitcoins around 2013, the twins saw their net worth skyrocket in the upcoming years. They made around $65MIL USD after suing our beloved initiator of Facebook’s Libra, Mark Zuckerburg, for stealing the idea for Facebook. Cameron compares the current market with the state of Gold a couple of years ago, that’s currently 40 times bigger than the entire cryptocurrency market. 

1. John McAfee – $1.000.000 dollars

The mother of all predictions, John McAfee with his 1 million US dollar bitcoin prediction. Most of these experts, analysts or investors are calling for the predictions but have nothing to back their story up besides facts or figures. McAfee is doing this in a new way, he made a bet. He dared anyone to accept his bet that Bitcoin would be worth 500,000 dollars by the end of 2020, later on changing this number to one million dollars. If his bet does not work out the way he planned, he has agreed to eat his privates on national television. That would make for some great TV, that’s for sure. 

What the actual price will be in the upcoming years is something no one can tell to be precise. Predictions are to be made to bring hope or fear into the market, a fresh sense of sentiment that will either spike up the price or bring it down further. One thing that should be considered is to always check for the goal behind the prediction made by the so-called expert. Whenever the public news stations, the JP Morgans and others are calling Bitcoin the biggest scam of the century, there’s always a deeper incentive. After calling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole a scam for many years, many of these big and traditional parties are now turning tables and investing in Blockchain technology themselves. The fact that the technology behind Bitcoin is part of our current society is inevitable, what the future has to bring for Bitcoin itself, that’s something only time will tell.

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