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Ripple Price for today is $0.327. Its current circulating supply is XRP 99,991,643,723 with a market cap of $13,719,998,351.23.


$ 0.327


$ 13,719,998,351.23

24h % CHANGE

0.473 %


$ 1,161,433,616.44


1.394 %


99,991,643,723 XRP

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Ripple is an extremely popular platform nowadays, with the third biggest market capitalization. As of lately, Ripple is beginning to be used by banks and other financial organisation. According to the company's statement, Ripple platform can help save more than three dollars on average for each transaction. Such an opportunity is extremely appealing to banks as it will significantly increase their profits. Therefore, Ripple has the prospect of becoming the most popular platform for real-time payments.

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About Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a decentralized platform for payment systems. It is focused on currency exchange operations and there is no possibility of making chargebacks. Ripple is based on an open database that works on the terms of a decentralized network.

Ripple's main currency is called XRP. The platform’s network runs on a protocol that the developers called RTGS.

In Ripple network, there is no blockchain in the conventional sense of the word and Ripple is rather a database distributed among the nodes of the network. It shows that the development team knew what they were doing as such an approach significantly increases the transaction speed. It has a capacity of one and a half thousand transactions per second, despite the fact that the cost of each of the transactions is only a fraction of a cent.

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