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Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash Price live, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

Bitcoin Cash Price for today is $600.29. Its current circulating supply is bch 18,875,594 with a market cap of $11,330,736,420.94.


$ 600.29


$ 11,330,736,420.94

24h % PRICE

-2.89 %


$ 1,250,658,545.87

7d % PRICE

-0.53 %


18,875,594 BCH

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Launched in 2017, Bitcoin Cash is a split of the prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The concept of Bitcoin Cash was propagated by developers with concerns over scalability in the BTC blockchain. This led to a hard fork in the Bitcoin blockchain and thus came Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It offers the same principal features as Bitcoin, but with greater potential of scalability in its blockchain network.

BCH enables larger block size and thus possesses the capacity to process transactions at a faster scale. The shorter transaction time also leads to lower transaction fees. Over the years, Bitcoin Cash has also incorporated new features including increasing the amount of data stored on each block and facilitating developers to create new tokens on its blockchain.

The supply of BCH tokens is 21 million, the same as Bitcoin. Through halvings, the new BCH produced will gradually decline over time. One of the use-cases of BCH is considered to be its usability as a payment method due to its ability to scale quickly.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Users can buy BCH on ChangeNOW for one of 250+ cryptocurrencies or for 50+ fiat currencies:

Pick BCH as the “You get” currency aboveChoose crypto or fiat to buy BCH withEnter your Bitcoin Cash wallet addressSend your deposit to a one-time addressReceive your exchanged coins in ~5 mins!

How to Sell Bitcoin Cash?

Swap Bitcoin Cash coins for an asset from our rich crypto selection by following the steps below:

Pick BCH as “You Send” currency above.Choose the asset you’d like to get for your BCHEnter the wallet address of the coin you’d like to getSend your deposit to a one-time addressReceive your exchanged coins in ~5 mins!

Bitcoin Cash - USD Exchange

With the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of users are looking to buy BCH and other cryptos. With this purview, BCH to USD is one of the options that people are interested to seek. ChangeNOW facilitates its users with Bitcoin Cash/USD exchange in a seamless manner.

Bitcoin Cash Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW offers a non-custodial service for exchanging your crypto assets. In other words, it does not store your Bitcoin Cash on a hot wallet. It facilitates advanced security protocols to safeguard your cryptocurrency funds.
  • You can instantly buy or sell Bitcoin Cash in a few minutes – all it takes is 5 simple steps.
  • ChangeNOW offers a wide variety of currency pairs on its portal.
  • You are not required to undergo the process of registration or KYC for transacting Bitcoin Cash.
  • You can start buying Bitcoin Cash with as little as $2, and there are no limits for exchanging any crypto asset.

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