What is KISHU? 2021 Review

kishu crypto

KISHU is a community-powered decentralized meme-inspired cryptocurrency token, created and operated by Kishu Inu. The KISHU community is already over 150,000 strong, though the project was launched only in April 2021. 

Growth has been steady, and although the price is low at present, it has exciting potential and a clear roadmap. 

#1: What is KISHU?

Kishu Inu, based on popular memes about the Kishu Inu (a Japanese dog breed), is on a mission to “bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream in one, easy to understand project.” 

KISHU is comparable to other decentralized cryptocurrencies, with a somewhat more structured focus, and the goal of reaching a widespread mainstream audience. When Kishu Inu was launched, in April 2021, it was described as “Dogecoin’s Big Brother.” It’s aiming to grow faster than Dogecoin and other competing meme-based, community-backed tokens and cryptocurrencies. 

#2: KISHU Team

Unlike other decentralized cryptocurrencies, KISHU and the Kishu Inu network and community are a little more transparent about who’s behind it. You can even contact them through Telegram. The Kishu Inu network was launched by a two-person founding team. “Kishu Man” is the Co-founder and Head of Operations, and “Inu Dev” is Co-founder and Lead Developer. 

Alongside the co-founders are a team of 20 marketers and community managers. As Kishu Inu grows, the roadmap outlines the plan to hire full-time members of staff, with the likelihood that many will come from the  volunteers who are providing the organizational structure for this community. As it’s community-backed and there are “no tokens reserved for the team”, an official ERC20 wallet is active to provide donations to keep the infrastructure running. 

Image from the Kishu Inu website.

#3: KISHU Roadmap

At this stage, since launching in April 2021, KISHU has already gone through three phases in the roadmap. Now they have reached the ‘Utility’ stage of the roadmap, with the aim of launching the following new products: 

  • KISHU Crate (NFT Marketplace). “KISHU will hold regular contests for artists to showcase their work and have the community vote on which should be added to the marketplace.” 
  • KISHU Paw Print (Wallet and Passive Income Tracker). “PAW PRINT is an app users can use to track their $KISHU token stats over time”, with a mobile version due to launch in the Summer of 2021. 
  • KISHU sWag (Merchandise Store), with merchandise for Kinu fans. “KISHU sWAG takes KISHU to the mainstream by allowing holders to represent KISHU in the wild with official merchandise.” 

Alongside the products listed above, the aim is to launch KISHU on three more popular centralized exchanges (CEXs), demonstrating the founders have more faith in CEXs than other meme-based coins. As the aim is to go more mainstream, this approach is a sensible way to make KISHU more accessible to a wider audience, and therefore viewed as a safer investment.

As part of this, there will be more advertising and influencer marketing partnerships. The aim is to ensure more people are aware of KISHU, want to buy and swap the coin, join the community, and also provide donations. 

#4: KISHU Network

KISHU Network tokens (KISHU) are community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency, with one of the advantages that it offers everyone who buys or sells KISHU instant rewards. Every transaction on the network generates 2% rewards for everyone who holds KISHU in a wallet. 

The Kishu Inu network and community has been fully audited and had its Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens burnt, to ensure there is “zero risk to our investors from potential bad actors.” Not only does the network reward everyone who buys and holds KISHU, they’ve also done everything possible to reduce risk and safeguard the tokens and network. 

Image from the Kishu Inu website.

#5: How to Mine KISHU?

The total overall supply is going to be 100 Quadrillion, and at present there are over 150,000 holders of KISHU tokens. Unlike other tokens and cryptocurrencies, there isn’t anything in the roadmap about liquidity events and mining projects. For those wanting to mine KISHU tokens, joining the community and asking whether you can might be the only way. 

#6: What is KISHU Worth? 

KISHU currently has a market capitalization worth $0.526 billion, with a price of $0.000000005737 at the moment. 

#7: Price Predictions for KISHU in 2021 

Over time, KISHU has reached a price just over $0.000000016, and as the community grows, as it reaches more exchanges and marketing activity makes more people aware of KISHU, we can expect the price to go higher.

KISHU has a lot of potential and is committed to achieving similar things to Dogecoin, with comparable upward potential. 

#8: How Can I Buy and Trade KISHU?

KISHU Wallets

Buying KISHU is easy, on their website, through a decentralized exchange, known as Kishu Swap, which is powered by Uniswap. You can also buy, sell, and swap them on ChangeNOW.

Although you can use other wallets, Kishu Inu recommends setting up a MetaMask Wallet, and buying Ethereum (ETH), or transferring any ETH (or other ERC20 tokens) you already own from another wallet, before using this to swap for KISHU, using the Kishu Swap function on the website. 

Which Exchanges Accept KISHU? 

Uniswap accepts KISHU tokens, both on its platform and the Kishu Inu website. At present it isn’t advertised as being available on other exchanges; although this is likely to change in the near future as the aim in the roadmap is to list KISHU on three more popular centralized exchanges (CEXs) soon. 

At the same time, thanks to the non-custodial and limitless nature of the ChangeNOW exchange, you can buy, sell and swap KISHU tokens on ChangeNOW. Take a look at how it works on our website

KISHU: Key Takeaways 

  • KISHU is another popular community-powered decentralized Japanese dog breed meme-inspired cryptocurrency token, on a mission to “bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream in one, easy to understand project.”
  • Described as “Dogecoin’s Big Brother”; the team behind it have done everything they can to make it secure, and growth is funded through donations; 
  • Buying KISHU is easy, on their website, through a decentralized exchange, known as Kishu Swap. You can also buy KISHU on ChangeNOW. . 
  • Over 150,000 users currently hold KISHU tokens, and the community rewards people for doing that, as every transaction on the network generates 2% rewards for everyone who holds KISHU in a wallet.

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