Waves Coin Price Prediction 2020

What is Waves? Waves is one of the oldest and well-established projects in crypto space. The crowdfunding campaign for it was conducted in 2016, collecting an impressive sum of $16 million. Since then, the platform has become very big and has secured many partnerships, including the ones with some governments. Overall, now this is an advanced network for Web 3.0 applications, smart contracts, and various decentralized solutions. Waves also allows its users to launch new crypto tokens without any knowledge of crypto protocols or programming languages. And finally, it has its own hybrid Waves exchange, a private enterprise network, and its own programming language. All this makes Waves stand out among its competitors. But what about the price of its WAVES token? Here we’ll try to make a future price prediction for Waves. 

Waves Coin Price Prediction 2020

Waves price prediction 2020

Is there any way to make a correct prediction? If we look at all Waves price predictions in 2019, it would seem that it's impossible. But it's important to understand that all Waves price predictions today are based on technical analysis and it doesn't work in case of crypto. On the crypto market, the movements of all coins are based on BTC charts, so all analysis is useless. However, there's an assumption that in the next years the price of altcoins will decouple from BTC. The current Waves price in USD is $0.54, but in the future, it will definitely grow. In 2020 the Waves price chart will likely stay connected to the rest of the market, but the new developments and partnerships still may help it double to $1. The year 2020 may become the year of the new bull trend for crypto, which will likely continue in 2021.

Waves price prediction 2021

In 2021, the value of Waves will start to become more widely recognized, as their enterprise platform has all the necessary features for corporate use. Over time, blockchain technologies will be used by most large companies, and Waves won’t be an exception. Thus speculations will play a lesser role in determining Waves value. By that time, the market capitalization will grow a few times, so we can predict that the price of Waves coin will be at $3-4 dollars or even higher. 

Waves price prediction 2025

A long-term price prediction for Waves is harder, but we keep a positive outlook. The project is still around after all these years, which means that its management knows how to run a business. So we don’t have to worry about its future, and we can make an optimistic Waves price prediction: in 5 years, its price will reach at least $15 per token. Waves mining is impossible, it’s fully pre-mined, so the only way to get it is to buy WAVES token. If you don’t know where to buy Waves, you can read the Waves Reddit forum for some clues, or simply go to ChangeNOW, where you can also buy dozens of other popular coins and tokens. 

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. The information presented in this article should not be considered as any sort of investing advice and the reader should do their own research before taking any actions.

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