VeChain Coin Wallet 2020

VeChain adoption is growing very fast these days. They have a lot of partnerships, with China and Cyprus on the national level, with such companies as Walmart, Bright Food and BMW, no wonder that many investors are interested in their tokens. VET token is a native token of VeChain blockchain, its issuance is limited, thus its value should grow over time due to scarcity. But one question remains unanswered: what is the best VeChain wallet? Which one is better to store VET tokens? In this article, we’ll try to find out. 

VeChain Web Wallet

One year ago, it was easier to manage VeChain tokens, because they were the regular ERC20 tokens, so pretty much every wallet was able to store them. MyEtherWallet was the most popular VeChain wallet until its VEN tokens were swapped to native VET tokens. Since then, the only web wallet able to store and manage VET tokens without downloading and installing any software in Guarda. It’s available as a web interface, and it works with dozens of different blockchains, including VeChain. So if you need to quickly send your tokens but you don’t want to bother with software solutions, you can use this VeChain VET wallet. 

VeChain Coin Wallet 2020

Hardware Wallets

No doubt that the best VeChain Thor wallet among hardware devices is Ledger Nano. This family of devices allows you to store, check and send your tokens without exposing your private keys online. This hardware wallet for VeChain will cost you around $100-150 dollars, which is a pretty moderate price for such a level of security, VeChain Ledger wallet is a good choice if you have a lot of various crypto tokens which justifies the purchase. If you don’t, then you can try a cheaper option: installing VeChain wallet on your mobile phone. 

VeChain Coin Wallet 2020

Other Types of Wallets for VeChain

You can download a VeChain wallet and install it for use on your mobile device. The title of the best VeChain wallet for iOS is also held by Guarda, which has the versions for every major OS. So if you prefer a simple solution instead of complex ones such as creating a VeChain paper wallet, just download Guarda - it’s the best wallet for VeChain, and the favorite VeChain wallet of Reddit (and these guys know what they’re talking about). 

VeChain Coin Wallet 2020

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