UK-Based Leica Biosystems Mention IOTA In Newly Published Patent Application

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In a patent application filed by British Biotech Giant Leica Biosystems, titled ‘Immutable-Ledger-Based Workflow Management For Patient Samples’, the company mentions the IOTA blockchain. The newly published patent focuses on the workflow of the regulation of samples obtained during microscopic studies. 

In this release, the organization points out that immutable ledgers might not only be valid tools in the management of digital possessions, but could be indispensable as well. IOTA’s unique blockchain ledger technology, The Tangle, has found quite a love within the academic community, with Leica Biosystems becoming the latest institution to back Tangle’s use cases.

IOTA’s brilliant blockchain, along with other popular ledger technologies, have been touted to be capable of working hand in hand with samples, which can now be used to identify pathogens, make diagnoses, archiving, and other medical purposes.

In the patent application, it was also brought to notice the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was not intended to be open to the general public. HIPAA is responsible for the regulation of individually identifiable health information related to patients’ specimens such as blood, tissue biopsies, and even throat swabs.

Blockchain technology, therefore, could be not only the perfect tool for ensuring privacy specimen tracking, but also  the right one to facilitate secure transfer of medical records and preservation of medicine’s supply chain.

Where Does IOTA come in?

Recently there has been a steady increase in the number of filed patents referencing IOTA. From energy companies to credit card firms, IOTA seems to be racking up what has been referred to as “a hive of patents.”

Without the involvement of blocks and mining pools, IOTA remains one of the top new-school blockchains to overcome cost and stability issues that often niggle blockchain networks. 

In the perfect position for a major role in what could be the next industrial revolution, encouraging economic alliances between machines and bridging the human and machine economies, it is no great surprise that IOTA is now aligned with Leica Biosystems.

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