UFC Partners with Chiliz to Release Fan Tokens

UFC, the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization, has revealed plans to launch its own customized fan tokens on Socios.com, in partnership with renowned sports blockchain provider, Chiliz.

UFC in New Partnership with Chiliz

UFC revealed via its official website on May 4th, 2021, that it would be partnering with sport-centered blockchain provider, Chiliz to mint its new fan tokens. Chiliz, in its usual tandem with fan engagement platform Socios.com, have streamlined focus on the sport industry over the past few years, and have been deliberate in introducing cryptocurrency into mainstream sports since its launch in 2018.

Like with past agreements, Chiliz allows UFC to create their own customized fan tokens, while also offering their fans active involvement through these tokens. UFC fans can vote regarding club and sport decisions with their new tokens; where the weight of a fan’s vote is dependent on the amount of tokens they have. Sport is fun, why not make some extra income while making decisions you enjoy as well? This appears to be the underlying trope. And the one Tracey Bleczinski, Senior President of UFC Global Consumer Product, seems to agree with as well.

“Fan Tokens are a unique way to connect with them [fans]…while also rewarding their passion for the sport,” he explained.

Twenty million $UFCs have been set for release in June, 2021.

Fan Tokens Adding to the Fun

UFC joins an ever expanding list of sporting brands with customized fan tokens; a list which includes influential football brands like Juventus, Barcelona, PSG, and Atletico Madrid at present. After starting out with an intentional focus on European football clubs like Juventus, Chiliz has made more uncharacteristic partnerships in recent times.  Its recent deal with NHL’s New Jersey Devils barely a week ago is one such example. Like UFC, the Professional Fighters League released its tokens with the sports blockchain provider in April, and sold more than 300,000 tokens within ten minutes at 2 USD each. $PFL has since risen in value and currently trades more than double its initial starting price at press time.

The more the excitement, the greater the token.  Which better proof is there than PSG fan tokens: they rose by more than hundred percent after the French football club made it into the last eight of the UEFA  Champions League.

The excitement continues, and UFC appears to be intentional in letting its fans have all the crypto fun as well.

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