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What is Tron?

TRX crypto is widely supported. ChangeNOW, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency eachange, has Tronix among the supported coins. However, is you want to purchase TRX, you need to get a secure wallet for it at first. So, let's talk about the best Tron wallets out there.

Tron Foundation is a Singapore-based enterprise founded by Justin Sun. Tron is a relatively new addition to the crypto space – the foundation was only established in 2017. Despite being late, Tronix (a crypto coin of the network) is gaining its popularity on the market with a rapid pace. Tron is supporting the entertainment industry and aims to decentralise and ease up the process of content sharing and rewarding the developers. The middlemen and the giant third-parties (like Google Play or App Store, for instance) het eliminated from the deals. The creators have an instant access to their users.

The Tron cryptocurrency was developed to create a unique entertainment platform using blockchain. The developers planned to create something like a social network in which users could share content. The functionality of the service provides the ability to place music, images, videos (including movies). Tron is a means of payment with which you can pay for access to content, place a bet in a virtual casino, etc.

To create the cryptocurrency, Tron used the ERC20 token. This is the same token on which Ethereum is based. Therefore, to work with this coin, all the same wallets that support Ethereum are suitable.

What is the best Tron wallet?

TRX is supported by various services, so it can be challenging to choose the right one. ChangeNOW is reviewing the must-have wallets for Tron along with their benefits and drawbacks. The final choice of a right cryptocurrency wallet always lies on the users, but hopefully, our list will make the research process easier for many of you.

The best 9 TRON wallets list

  1. Ledger Nano S
  2. Atomic Wallet
  3. Tron Chrome Wallet
  4. Tron Android Wallet
  5. Tron Web Wallet
  6. Mist
  7. MyEtherWallet
  8. MetaMask
  9. Enjin Wallet

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano is a constant star of our wallet rubric. The hardware wallet is a secure storage of any crypto coin, including Tron. If security is your main concern and priority, choosing a cold storage is a right idea. Besides, you can also store a variety of other crypto coins and tokens on your Ledger device. The drawbacks of this wallet would be its price – each Ledger is more than a 100 US Dollars and the user experience. The experience of using a Ledger may be a little too complicated for the crypto novices.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic is a Tron desktop wallet built around atomic swaps. The users gain quick access to the wallet by downloading the application to their computer. The encrypted  private keys are stored on the device. Atomic Wallet is a good option for those interested in the built-in instant cryptocurrency swaps.

Tron Chrome Wallet

This wallet functions as a Chrome browser extension. The Chrome Wallet for Tron download is quick and convenient. The wallet is created with the idea of fast access and speedy transactions. The extension is a little bit more challenging to use that the other wallets on the list – keep that in mind if you are new to crypto.

Tron Android Wallet (also known as Tron Mobile Wallet)

This wallet is promoted by the Foundation itself. The service is multifuntcional and has a user-friedndly and well-developed interface. The Tron Foundation is right – this mobile wallet is handy when it comes to storing, sending and receiving TRX coins.

The mobile wallet is secured with a password that can be recovered with a 24-word recovery seed.

Tron Android Wallet is gaining popularity due to the official promotion.

Tron Web Wallet

The most popular online wallet for Tron and one of the best Tron wallets. The wallets grants its users a fairly quick access to the funds – the process of signing up is also very basic. Due to this, Tron Web Wallet is a suitable service for beginners. All the information about the transactions, balance and so on is displayed handily right in front of your eyes.The wallet allows users to send, receive and freeze TRX in just a few clicks.


To store Tron, you can use any wallets that are suitable for Ethereum. One of them is Mist. It is a desktop wallet that is installed on a PC with Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems. Its advantages include storage reliability, good protection and excellent functionality.


It’s an official online storage for coins based on ERC20. It features an increased level of security with several steps to access the wallet. You can only restore access to the service using a mnemonic phrase. Without it, you cannot enter the wallet even if you have all the keys.


It’s an online wallet, designed in the format of  a browser extension. It supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Among the functionality, there is a standard set of operations, as well as options for working with smart contracts and dApps.

Enjin Wallet

It’s a universal mobile wallet that supports not only tokens of the ERC20 type, but also several other popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC. It has a very convenient, minimalistic interface, which is easy to understand. You can restore access to the service using a passphrase that includes 12 words. The wallet can be installed on both iOS and Android.

That's it for the best Tron Wallets!

With great comfort comes great responsibility. There are some security issues that come with the web wallet use – be careful with your private key and keep it safe from the public eye.

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