Top 6 Blockchain Games

Blockchain has revolutionized how we perform online transactions. It has found increasing usage in multiple industries. Clearly, the entertainment industry, with lots of capital and traffic, took advantage of it, and we see several blockchain games coming up every week.

Blockchain has revolutionized how we perform online transactions. It has found increasing usage in multiple industries. Clearly, the entertainment industry, with lots of capital and traffic, took advantage of it, and we see several blockchain games coming up every week. These games not only improve your problem-solving or cognitive abilities but also provide you with an opportunity to earn real money! Yes. You can earn cryptocurrencies by playing some of these blockchain games. We bring to you our list of the best crypto games:  

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an Etherum based trading card game (TCG). It is backed by Coinbase, a digital currency exchange, and built by some of the best engineers who have earlier worked with Google and Riot games. The game can be played for free by heading over to their website and downloading their client for PC. In the game, you have to collect packs to attain cards, play with them, or even sell them for money. As a new player, you get 3 free packs and you earn more packs by playing the game or buying them directly from other players or the in-game shop. The trading cards have four tiers: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Each game involves two players and you can select to play online with another human player or play against the computer. The game is not for the faint-hearted, you need to strategize and tacitly keep dynamic gameplay with each turn to win against your opponent. Moreover, it is simple enough to learn but deep enough for competitive matches. The game boasts about its fair competitive play, as you don’t necessarily need to buy packs to excel and win. You can earn the same cards just by playing. For this very fact, MIT Technology Review praised it by saying, “Gods Unchained shows us the future of ownership” and it has often been cited in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and the Vice. Users claim to have earned $30 for a card which they simply earned by playing, it’s a real P2E (Play to Earn) platform. Moving towards the gameplay, the graphics, soundtracks, animations, and themes resemble a royal courtyard and the matches take place in a castle-like location. The game has four main battle modes: Quick Sealed, Constructed, Rank Constructed, and Solo. In the initial mode, Quick Sealed, you choose a deck of 50 cards from a random set of cards while for the other three modes, you use a pre-built deck. You play until you get three losses and based on the number of wins, you get rewards. You can earn new packs and cards and also gain levels on your existing cards, enabling you to progress and unlock new abilities. Gods Unchained is a complete fun packed blockchain game, which lets you take full control over your in-game rewards and purchases, the cards could be sold for cryptocurrency, all game features can be unlocked by simply playing and it’s all available for free.  

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is one of the best EOS based blockchain games. EOS is a decentralized system that works on blockchain and helps people to develop, host, and execute decentralized apps (dApps). It works similar to web-based applications and provides all the basic features. And yes, EOS has its cryptocurrency known as EOS token. EOS Knight can be played on an Android or iOS mobile device or with a Chrome web plugin on PC. It is free to play and attracts with simple and intuitive gameplay. There are over 50 material resources you could collect and more than 20 pets you could adopt. Furthermore, materials can be used to craft items that include shields, armors, or weapons, and could be traded in the market with EOS. The game goal is to save the village from a goblin attack by collecting and crafting items for your heroes: Eric – the Knight, Oria – the Archer, and Scarlet– the Mage. All three heroes can be paired with a pet to increase their stats. Each hero and pet have a focus on certain stats, like the HP, attack, luck, or defense. These pets cannot be traded in the marketplace but only be adopted. Most importantly, you need magic water to adopt pets and level up your heroes. You can either buy it from the shop for EOS tokens or earn it through multiple ways by playing the game. The game has community events, where you can get a huge markup for certain items of good quality rating and earn hefty EOS tokens. A newly added feature: dungeons, guarantees rarer, and more unique material drops. EOS Knight prides itself to be the first mobile game on the EOS platform. The developers only need to hold EOS tokens to build and run dApps. This is good news for developers and ultimately the users, as the cost is not transferred to them.  


MegaCryptoPolis works on dual blockchain platforms: Ethereum and Tron, giving the users the flexibility to decide which cities they want to invest in. It is an online multiplayer game with a decentralized city, where players all over the world can trade districts, land plots, and even resources. All these transactions are completed using smart contracts and all online resources are stored within the blockchain. To start the game, you need a digital crypto wallet that can trade with either Ethereum or Tron and link it with your MegaCryptoPolis account. There are multiple ways to play this game:

  • Rent a building to produce resources and sell them in the market
  • Purchase a land plot and construct a building to let,
  • Build a business center or an office to gain a share of the economy,
  • Become a district owner, set your rules and collect taxes.

The game offers a huge variety of buildings: Modern House, Villa, Condominium for your residents to live; Supermarket, Trade Center, Hospital, Fire Station for services; Glassworks, Brickworks, Concrete Plant, Smelter Plant for production of goods as well as Power and Water Plants for energy. Your residents work in one of these buildings and you get all the benefits, making it one of the best blockchain games in this genre. Your residents are allotted a Generation number, and they also have a rank assigned to them which affects their qualifications in the form of strength, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. The best the qualifications, the finer results you will obtain from the buildings. And did you know, the game also features 10 Generation-A Astronaut citizens. You can also purchase a pet to boost the qualification of a citizen. The most common ones are Bulldog, Parrot, Labrador, Korgi, and Mastiff, and they can be freely traded on the market. You can also install appliances, like a fire alarm, air conditioners, CCTV cameras, etc on your building to increase their influence, which will help you generate more resources.  


OxUniverse works on the Ethereum blockchain and similar to other Ethereum-based games, you can earn cryptocurrency (Ethereum) by playing it. This blockchain also protects all your purchases and online resources in a decentralized ledger. So you don’t ever have to worry about its security. Released in July 2018, OxUniverse calls themselves the “next-generation blockchain game” as the storyline starts with a period of Great Cosmic discoveries in the 22nd Century. OxUniverse is a multi-planetary game where you can build spaceships, explore the map and colonize planets. Along your journey, you extract resources and invest in research which will help you venture into the remotest parts of the universe. The unique feature of this game is that there are only a finite number of planets to be discovered. This means that the value of your planets is guaranteed to increase with more resources and population. The players find artifacts belonging to different civilizations on their discoveries and by sharing this knowledge to the community trace back the storyline and uncover the origins of life itself. There are four kinds of planets: common, rare, epic, and legendary. All planets are unique in their design and the type of resources you can gain from them. Moreover, each of them has a story to tell, acutely dive into the cosmos, and let their graphics awe you in amazement. You can simply start by buying a planet. You can then extract resources and increase the population which will directly increase the value of your planet. You can then build spaceships to venture into outer space, uncovering hundreds of stories of races, wars, and catastrophe and discover more planets. You can also sell a part of or your entire planet on the marketplace and earn returns on your investments. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the planet and fulfill your dream of extra-terrestrial travel.  

Neon District

Neon District was developed by the creative team of animators and illustrators of Blockade Games in October 2019. It is a science-fiction role-playing adventure game set up in a dystopic world dominated by computer technology. And like our other games on the list, you will be able to store your digital assets with blockchain and trade internationally with the Neon District Community. It could be played on a PC browser or through Steam Client. In Neon District, you battle through procedural story-driven missions and maps to earn a huge variety of weapons and abilities. You can earn characters, juices, gears, and parts as well. Your survival and adaptability skills are up for a test as you constantly need to change tactics through complex puzzles and difficult enemies. As you progress, you will have an increasing choice of upgrades and abilities to build your strategy for mastering the game. Set up in the refuge city of Unity, immerse yourself into a deep journey and create contrasts between the beautiful sceneries of the citadels with their fine food and the desolate streets with hunger and poverty. There is no middle ground!! Neon District has often been cited in Forbes, TechStars, and Coindesk for its intuitive gameplay and complex storyline. The game is split into seasons and till now, the developers have launched two seasons: Season 1: Featuring a single-player campaign with missions and additional contracts. The season features a lot of genetic modifications, medieval ships and weapons, organized crime groups, and a long list of characters who will blur your moral understanding of right and wrong. Season 2: Expanding the gameplay to a co-operative exploration, join your friends to unravel the depths of corruption in the city with more challenging missions and battles.  

Lost Relics

The last on our list is Lost Relics (formerly known as Forgotten Artifacts). This game is still in development but the beta version is available for Mac and Windows to download. You need to make an Enjin Wallet (works on ERC-1155, an Ethereum token) to be able to play this game. This cryptocurrency game is made in collaboration with the famous game-engine, Unity. Lost Relics is similar to the old dungeon crawl games with an endless story mode. Embark on a journey to collect relics around the world but make sure you’re equipped with weapons and skills as you will encounter some really tough enemies on your way. The gameplay is quite simple and easy. Each time you begin the game, you start in a new dungeon. You move your character, equipped with weapons and skills, in the dungeon, and fight enemies. In the meanwhile, you also collect items in crates, barrels, etc. and earn loots by killing monsters. These items must be safely carried outside the dungeon to be added to your digital assets. But the most important asset of the game is… yeah, you guessed it right, relics. They are hidden around the universe and provide your character with battle and appearance buffs. The relics found are of the following rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical and Transcendent. Transcendent being the most powerful and a few of these relics are absolutely unique i.e. if you find one, it is the only one in the game. There are over 4 million variations that make each adventure unique. Test their beta version and find your path!  


Those are all the cryptocurrency earning games we recommend you to try. Some of them have proved their hype through the years, some newly launched while some are still in their testing stage. It’s early to say if blockchain games will convert the hardcore console gamers but it surely shows a lot of potentials.

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