Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Is Bittrex the best cryptocurrency exchange for me?

It can be challenging to find the right cryptocurrency exchange platform. Those willing to buy Bitcoin, sell Ripple or buy crypto with their credit card get flooded with the options to chose from on a daily basis. How to make a correct decision? ChangeNOW, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, is here to help you choose the best one out of top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges!

Crypto exchange – best choices

A right cryptocurrency exchange service is essential to the investment journey. So, what are the best exchanges and what makes them special?

Coinbase – an option for beginners

Coinbase is considered to be the most beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange out of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges on our list. The service started working in 2012 and quickly established its place in the crypto hall of fame. Coinbase is trading four cryptocurrencies – definitely a good option to sell Bitcoin on. Besides, there is a fiat payment option, which makes Coinbase suitable for the crypto novices. The exchange is licenced in most of the United States.

The drawback of this platform, however, is that short-selling and margin-trading options are not on the table.

Binance – the trading volume giant

The biggest exchange in the world, Binance is famous for its immense trading volume cryptocurrency processing, having rightfully earned its place on the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges list. Binance is not only exchange but also a system if crypto wallets, Labs, Academy and more. The platform is not only attractive due to the well-built ecosystem, but because of low transaction fees for the users and the Binance Coin that grants discounts on crypto trading. The drawbacks are similar to the previous number – no marking trade option and no short selling.

Gemini – a regulated exchange platform

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange on the list. Gemini accepts fiat currencies and trades three coins. Despite the limited choice, this exchange gains popularity in the crypto community. The main feature of Gemini is being regulated by the Department of Financial Services, which makes it an attractive option of cryptocurrency investors.

Bittrex – secure transfers and transparency

An exchange founded by cybersecurity specialists, Bittrex is a trustworthy crypto swap platform based in the United States. The service started off working solely with cryptocurrencies, but now fiat pairing is available on Bittrex. The founders of Bittrex are known to be very socially active – the transparency of this exchange definitely makes a difference for those using it.

Poloniex – an option for cryptocurrency trading

The pioneer of the crypto space, Poloniex has been up and running from 2014. Margin trading features are available on the platform. The users need to submit their email at first, but increasing the limits requires undergoing a KYC procedure. 11 cryptos are available for margin trading for Bitcoin.

Kraken – one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges

Kraken is considered to be one of the biggest BTC and altcoin exchange services in the US. The verification procedure (KYC) on Kraken takes up about 7 days – this grants users an ability to trade in fiat currencies. The users can margin trade on Kraken with six cryptocurrency options.

Coinmama – a platform for credit card crypto purchases

A beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform that is known for bank card purchases. Coinmama is a crypto exchange best for those making their first steps – after all, the first purchase you would seek is a fiat-to-crypto exchange.

ChangeNOW – best limitless crypto exchange

A non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service. ChangeNOW is a great option for those willing to swap their crypto in unlimited amounts and without the obligatory account creation. There are more than 150 cryptocurrencies available on the platform at the moment and the variety of coins are ever-expanding.

Cryptopia – exchange with a wide range of coins

An exchange based in New Zealand. Cryptopia is an exchange with a wide variety of cryptos available – the featured coins comprise of your usual Bitcoin and LTC, as well as some stablecoins and other lesser-known currencies. The trading fee of this platform is 2%. The interesting thing about Cryptopia is definitely their marketplace – a special branch on which you can purchase goods and services with crypto - therefore, it definitely deserves to be on the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges list!

BitFinex - one of the biggest crypto exchanges

BitFinex is definitely a big cryptocurrency exchange. The volume and the number of users of this service are massive, so the Hong Kong-based exchange can afford the US users not to be able to sign up for exchanges. The trading fees of BitFinex are from 0.1% to 0.2%.

The final choice you make in selecting a reliable cryptocurrency exchange should base on various factors. Among the first one, we should name the availability in your region, the type of crypto/fiat currency you would like to use and other particular needs of each individual client. The level of crypto knowledge counts, too – many of the abovementioned platforms offer different levels for the traders (from beginner to advanced). The very first step of choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange out of our top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges list is analysing your own needs, then proceeding with the lists of trusted services.

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